Katylee and Libby Mae

Are you more like Libby Mae or Katylee? Take this quiz to find out which icon you’re aligned to

Choosing to have your hair up in a bun? That screams Libby Mae

Libby Mae and Katylee are British TikTok royalty. Their toxic relationship has lived rent free in my mind for many, many months now and you’d be lying to me if you tried to tell me that’s not the case for you as well. Everyone loves everything about them!! From Libby Mae’s iconic bun to Katylee’s infamous “LIBBY MAAAEEEE”. I would love to be one of them for just one day to see how the other half live. But unfortunately that’s not possible, so we have devised the next best thing: this quiz.

Take this quiz below and find out if f you’re more Libby Mae or Katylee:

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