caught a vibe TikTok

Right, who the hell sings that ‘caught a vibe’ song on TikTok?

And how to do that manic dance trend

You know the song. I know you do. A strained vocal emitting the 2021 equivalent of cursive coupled with a chaotic dance trend that looks like people are injecting themselves and then going to poke each other’s eyes out. Just another day of TikTok chaos. But where the hell is the song from? Who sings it? Why can’t I get it out of my head? What exactly is it laced with? This is everything you need to know about where the “caught a vibe” TikTok song is from and who it’s by, and how to join in with the chaotic dance trend.

@tommalone_jrWe caught a VOIBE @bryonybriscoe 😂 ##fyp ##couple ##relationships♬ meet me at our spot by willow smith and tyler cole – The Favourites.

Willow Smith is behind the vocals

Willow Smith, who has had a huge 2021 thanks to her rock resurgence and work with Travis Barker on her new album Lately I Feel Everything, is singing – and it’s called Meet Me At Our Spot. At first listen, I thought Meet Me At Our Spot, aka “caught a vibe” on TikTok, was a track from that album. Sonically, they are very similar. Meet Me At Our Spot is actually a collaboration with Tyler Cole (who produced Willow’s 2019 self titled album) under the name The Anxiety. The live version of Meet Me At Our Spot is the one that went viral, and the two released it as a single on October 22nd 2021.

What’s the dance trend that goes with it?

Whilst Willow sings Meet Me At Our Spot, everyone sort of bobs about and then when she bursts into “caught a vibe” they do the notorious “TikTok arm thing“. This gesture is, according to KnowYourMeme, meant to signify ice in your veins. Then following on with the rest of the lyrics, everyone just does exaggerating gestures for whatever Willow sings, like looking into your eyes and staying for the night. And that’s it! Watch some examples below:

@raquelbernardoooCaught a vibe ##fyp ##fy ##fypシ ##parati ##paravoce ##trend ##dance ##caughtavibe ##meetmeatourspot♬ original sound – 🎵

@ayumi.lashleyShe just wants to play Fortnight in peace 😆 @allrealallthetime ##caughtavibe ##coolparentsontiktok ##millennialparents ##caughtavibechallenge♬ original sound – Lancesavali

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