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Quiz: Let’s get serious, would Pete Davidson date you?

Sorry hun but it’s probably a no


There’s no man more popular right now than Pete Davidson. He has been linked to the world’s most beautiful and successful women. Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale and most recently a potential Em Rata romance is on the cards. Pete is practically the new status symbol in Hollywood. If you’ve made it to the A-List, you’ll have definitely dated Pete at some point. In all honesty I wouldn’t be surprised if Megan Fox just ditched Machine Gun Kelly and went straight for Pete. He’s funny, self-aware, emotionally intelligent and can pull off black nail polish effortlessly. We all want to date him, but would he date you? It’s time to find out with our Pete Davidson quiz.

Pete’s dating history is full of a variety of famous women. There’s the popstar aka Ariana Grande, the up and coming talent of Kaia Gerber and Margaret Qualley and of course the household names like Kim Kardashian. Though these women may be pretty different they still have some similar qualities. Firstly they’re all quite short. So you’re not dating Pete if you’re over 5″9. Secondly they’re all talented, successful or on their way to being so, therefore you’ve got to be pretty ambitious to secure a date with Pete. And finally if you don’t like an emotionally available man then there’s no chance you’re getting a second date.

So would Pete Davidson date you? Take our quiz to find out the answer you’ve long been waiting for:

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