Personality quiz of how similar to Beck from YOU on Netflix you are

Quiz: On a scale of zero to Beck, how much of an absolute liability are you?

I am once again asking you to remember that she did not own curtains


After waiting forever for season four, there is a big chance that you are one of the many people who has either decided to rewatch season one of YOU now, or did whilst you were waiting for the new episodes to drop. If so, or if you just remember the season from watching it before, you’ll be very familiar with the enigma that is Guinevere Beck. What a character. She was naivety and irritation personified, and had everyone screaming at the screen many times. So, in the following quiz, it’s time to find out how similar to Beck you really are.

There were so many reasons why Beck was one of the most annoying characters there has ever been in YOU. But mainly you remember her as the girl who didn’t own curtains, lied about her own father being dead, always spoke about needing to write but never did, never had any money but was always out drinking wine with the girls and seemed to have a complete wall up whenever Joe displayed some pretty aggressive and obvious red flags. Sorry Beck, we love you, but it’s the truth.

So now is the time to find out just how similar to our girl Beck you really are. If your thoughts ahead of taking this quiz are “but first, mac and cheese!” I think you already know what result you’re getting.

Take this quiz to see how similar you are to Guinevere Beck in YOU:

Season four of YOU will be available on Netflix from February 9th, with part two dropping on March 9th. For all the latest Netflix news, quizzes, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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