Over 25,000 of you voted, so now we can reveal the most annoying YOU character ever

The winner had over a quarter of the votes

Last week we asked the most crucial question of them all: Who is the undeniably the most annoying character that has ever graced YOU on Netflix? Let’s be honest, over its three season run so far, the show has presented us with some questionably irritating people, there really are plenty to choose from.

Clearly this is a topic that people care a lot about, because over 25,000 votes were cast in the original poll. From Beck’s constant talking about writing but never actually writing and general moaning about everything in season one, to Sherry and her mom-fluencer image that was grating at the best of times – we’ve really had it all. And that’s without mentioning Love’s moany face in season two – thank god she redeemed herself in season three.

But what do the people actually think? 25,677 votes were cast in total, and it really looks like we can’t move past Sherry and her online ways. She has officially been crowned the most annoying YOU character of all time – having received a huge 6,588 votes (25.66 per cent). To be fair, her mommy influencer stuff is EXHAUSTING. Tell us again that you have twins and a blog, I dare you. And when she made Natalie’s disappearance all about herself? Not cool. She did seem to redeem herself by the end of the series, but it was clearly too little, too late.

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In second, but surprisingly a fair bit behind Sherry, was season one’s obsession, Beck. She received 4,124 votes (16.06 per cent). It’s the never bothering to buy any curtains in her prime location, street level New York flat, for me. In third was Love with 3,093 votes (12.05 per cent) who will never live down “I wolf you” and quite frankly, doesn’t deserve to.

Some might be shocked to know that despite his loveable personality, hot mess Forty from season two still got 2,647 votes. He was shortly followed in fifth by his mother, Dottie, who got just over 2,000 votes.

Here’s the full result in the vote for the most annoying YOU character ever:

Result of the most annoying character from YOU on Netflix vote

Rounding out the vote was Candace in sixth, Peach in seventh, Benji in eighth, Theo in ninth and Cary in tenth place. Even Cary, who got the least amount of votes, was still the most annoying person to over 1,000 people – having received 1,214 votes. Yikes.

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