Are you more Love Quinn or Joe Goldberg from YOU on Netflix quiz

Quiz: They’re both rotten, but are you more like Joe or Love from YOU?

You have to be one of them, I don’t make the rules

Joe and Love in YOU on Netflix should be two peas in a pod – two people who thrive on murder and drama and truly belong together. However, recent seasons of the show have shown there is a big divide between the two of them, and despite the obvious ~hobbies~ they have in common, they are very different people. So, this quiz is about to truly divide us all – those of us who are more like Love, from those of us who are more like Joe. It really is answer we all need in life.

Joe is the more strategic of the two, and would probably say he is the more moral killer, if that’s even a thing. Whereas Love acts on the fire within her in that very moment and out of loyalty, with no second thought to how her actions may play out in the future. But, she is a bit of an icon and we all still have a strange soft spot for Joe, too.

Here’s the thing though: The rules are that you have to be one half of the most toxic twosome there’s ever been, Love or Joe. In the quiz below you will find out just who that is. Is there a good option here? I’m not entirely sure.

Take this quiz to see if you are more like Joe Goldberg or Love Quinn from YOU:

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