A trivia quiz all about Joe Goldberg from you on Netflix

You say you’re obsessed with Joe Goldberg, so can you ace this quiz all about him?

If you get full marks you’re as much of a creeper as he is

For some strange reason, we all have this same creepy obsession with Joe Goldberg. We back him no matter what, despite the obvious fact that he is a serial killer and deeply messed up. So can you put your money where your mouth is and actually prove this obsession? You need a Joe Goldberg trivia quiz to put you through your paces.

Do you know exactly how many people he has actually killed and how he killed them? Do you know the ins and outs of his life growing up and some of his past relationships? What about all the places he’s called home and all the fake names he’s given in a desperate attempt at a “fresh start”?

It’s time to truly test your knowledge in the following trivia quiz, and find out if you can actually say you are obsessed with Joe Goldberg. If you get full marks it’s probably safe to say your stalker skills are only matched by the man himself.

See how much you actually know about Joe Goldberg in the trivia test here:

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