Quiz: What per cent cosy girl are you really?

It’s pumpkin spice season

We are firmly in pumpkin spice season which means if you’re a cosy girl it’s your time to shine. Get out the candles, put on the Christmas music and start making those cinnamon rolls.

Cosy girls have had to contend with a long hot summer but since September they’ve been firmly pushing their staying in agenda. If you’re a cosy girl you’ll have so many loungewear sets you’ve lost count of them, you will happily spend the whole weekend not seeing anyone and instead curl up on the sofa with a big glass of wine watching Strictly Come Dancing.

But how much of a cosy girl are you really? You may think because you have a collection of Yankee candles that qualifies you as the ultimate cosy girl but if you’re still enjoying going out to the pub and getting dressed up then you’re not as cosy as you thought.

To find out your true cosy percentage take this quiz and answer questions about your favourite time of year:

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