Only a true pumpkin spice basic bitch can relate to at least 37/41 of these things

25. Taylor Swift’s Folklore album just spoke to your soul

It’s October, which means only one thing, Halloween? Nope it’s the return of the pumpkin spice basic bitch season or Christian girl autumn as it’s now known on TikTok.

She’s the girl in skinny jeans, knitwear, pumpkin spice latte in hand at a pumpkin patch for the second time that week getting photos for her Instagram again.

We all have a bit of pumpkin spice bitch in us, you’d have to be truly cynical to hate hot chocolate and pumpkin carving. However pumpkin spice girls take it to another level, for the months of September and October, autumn is their identity. Falling leaf boomerangs, Gilmore Girls and Costa’s festive drinks just make sense to her.

But how much of a pumpkin spice basic bitch are you? Well only true pumpkin spice basic bitch will be able to relate nearly all of these 41 things:

1. Pumpkin spice is your favourite drink obvs

2. But you will settle for hot chocolate if it’s not available

3. You get very excited for Costa’s festive drinks list to come out

4. You go on Pinterest multiple times a day

5. And have boards saved for different autumnal moods

6. Cinnamon is your go to spice

7. You love to make Halloween themed biscuits

8. You’ve gone to a pumpkin patch more than once already this year

9. And obviously done a mini shoot

10. You use pumpkins and fake leaves for decorations

11. And then the other pumpkins will be used for carving

12. You wear knee high boots

13. You get very excited about knitwear

14. Particularly turtle necks

15. You wear very earthy tones

16. Mom jeans do not exist in your world it is skinny jeans all the way

17. Orange is your favourite colour

18. You thought Emily in Paris was a genuinely good show

19. You watch Gilmore Girls repeats obsessively

20. A Harry Potter movie marathon is your idea of heaven

21. Candles are the only source of light in your home

22. Specifically gingerbread scented ones

23. October is your favourite month

24. Your camera roll is just full of pictures of trees

25. Taylor Swift’s Folklore album just spoke to your soul

26. And now you own approximately six cardigans

27. Fluffy socks just make sense to you

28. You prefer cats over dogs

29. You used to have a Michael Kors bag

30. In fact you secretly still do

31. You watch Halloween movies but not the actual scary ones just the Disney ones

32. You were beyond excited when you realised UGGs were back in fashion as you never got rid of yours

33. You spend a lot of time reading with a cup of tea in hand

34. There are leaf emojis in your Instagram bio

35. You post pictures of your study set up, usually has a cup of aesthetic coffee in it

36. You would never dream of wearing something scary on Halloween

37. You have an extensive selection of fluffy blankets

38. You never leave the house without a scarf

39. And you love a beanie

40. You know how to do some form of crafting

41. You lowkey hate summer

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