hiii girl

Quiz: What percentage Hiii Girl are you really?

Only true hiii girls use the butterfly emoji

We have met the Bruh Girl with her necking pints, lack of affection and toilet humour. But now it’s time to meet her exact opposite – the hiii girl. And more importantly to find out just how much of a true hiii girl you really are.

You will probably have met the hiii girl and easily have one in your group. They’re easily identifiable in a bar dressed to the nines and sipping on porn star martinis. But it’s not just being girly and into makeup that makes a true hiii girl. Oh no, she is sweet, kind and never swears. She would rather die than fart in front of her boyfriend and if her boyfriend isn’t a total simp for her he’s getting the boot. If she’s not too emotional to dump him first.

She loves spending time with her friends, who approve all photos before they are posted on Instagram to match her exact aesthetic. She is always complimenting her friends and tbh any random stranger will get a “you look lovely” off of her.

She also never seems to sweat at the gym, has cuddly toys on her bed and Pinterest is her go to app.

But how much of a hiii girl are you? Take this quiz to find out:

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