bruh girl

Quiz: What percentage Bruh Girl are you really?

You’re defo a Bruh Girl if you swim with goggles on holiday

We all know a Bruh Girl and most of us have all got a little bit of bruhness to us. The Bruh Girl is your mate who never takes things seriously, can be guaranteed to bring the fun and will happily make a tit out of herself.

Fashion and makeup aren’t really her bag and she wouldn’t be caught dead drinking an espresso martini on a rooftop bar. She’s low maintenance and enjoys beer, video games and afternoons skating. Think of Viola Hastings from She’s The Man or Lucie from Love Island. They’re both down to earth chill girls who are basically one of the boys.

The Bruh Girl loves a bit of toilet humour, roasting her potential love interests and diving into the pool with her goggles on the second you get on holiday. She’s loud, funny and never does things with elegance and grace because she’s too busy having fun and living her life.

bruh girl

She’s different from her other friends. She’d hate her partner calling her “baby” or “princess” and she can’t be fussed with petty drama or keeping her room exceptionally tidy. She’s got too much fun to be having.

But what percentage Bruh Girl are you? Were you obsessed with football and mud pies as a kid? Do you take about 20 mins to get ready on a night out and spend the rest of the time necking pints? And are therefore a true Bruh Girl? Or are you the complete opposite? You spend your holidays tanning and grew up doing ballet?

Take this quiz to see how much of a Bruh Girl you really are:

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