Quiz: Which Married At First Sight UK guy would you end up with?

Can I have Matt and Daniel please?

Married At First Sight UK is coming to an end and in the past few weeks we’ve been introduced to some truly incredible men, and some who haven’t always acted perfectly. But of all the men in this series of Married At First Sight UK which one would you end up with? It’s time to find out with our quiz.

The men in the show are a variety of ages, have different jobs, interests and live all around the UK, so there should be someone for everyone. If you want someone who is confident, into fitness and will probably put you in your place then you’d end up marrying Franky. However if you want someone funny who will go to musicals with you it’s going to be a wedding to Bob for you. Just remember to bring the tissues for his tears. Or you could be after a cheeky chappy who was once a bit of a fuckboy but is now the love of your life just like Josh.

To find out which of the MAFS UK guys would be your husband you will need to answer 10 questions including what your dream date is, how you’d spend a weekend together and how you actually feel about strip teases.

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Married At First Sight UK guy you’d end up with:

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