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We spoke to MAFS UK’s Amy about what it was really like to film the show

She is spilling all the behind the scenes secrets

Married At First Sight UK is finally coming to an end after weeks of drama, tears and the occasional betrayal. The final few episodes will see the five couples at a vow renewal ceremony where they will decide to stay together or end their journey after months of being married to a total stranger. One person who has definitely had a slightly rocky journey with their partner is 34-year-old Amy Christophers.

Amy is from Cornwall and in her everyday life she is an influencer with over 100,000 followers and a presenter for Racing TV. At the beginning of Married At First Sight UK Amy was matched with 26-year-old Josh and whilst they had no problem getting on physically, they’ve sometimes struggled emotionally.

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The couple have been filmed arguing numerous times, however Amy insists they love to “wind each other up” and now in tonight’s episode they will face the final decision to stay together or break up.

The Tab spoke to Amy to find out what really goes down during the filming of Married At First Sight UK including how the DM situation materialised, the strict rules they had to follow and which of the cast are still in the group chat.

These are the behind the scenes filming secrets from Married At First Sight UK’s Amy:

The producers planned the DM reveal

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Easily one of the biggest controversies of Married At First Sight UK this season was Morag’s revelation she had received a DM from Josh before the show and he’d liked a number of her pictures.

Amy shared with The Tab the producers found out about the DMs and then set up the ladies lunch so it could be discussed.

She said: “It wasn’t scripted at all but if things happened off camera they then say ‘Oh well you know that’s part of your story, we need to include that now.’

“So the DM thing that then got made into the storyline, it was like ‘Jow do we incorporate that in?’ It’s an entertainment show and if they find out some juicy gossip they’re going to want to include that.”

Amy revealed the DM situation hasn’t stopped her being friends with Morag and she counts her along with Alexis and Marilyse as her closest friends from the show.

There’s a group chat

Amy is still in contact with the majority of the cast. She revealed there’s even a MAFS group chat but she and Josh have left the chat as Amy said she doesn’t enjoy the constant messages.

She said: “Yeah, me and Josh aren’t in the group, there’s quite a few other people who aren’t. Not for any dramatic reason I just hate my phone pinging off all the time.

“If anyone wants to message me like just message me.”

Their phones aren’t real

Just like in Love Island the phones on MAFS are specifically for the show and the cast all had their actual phones taken away before filming began.

They’re not allowed any contact with the outside world

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As their phones are taken away the cast are on very strict instructions to have no contact with the outside world. However Amy said they have one person they are allowed to contact.

The producers were clearly wanting to make sure nothing was leaked during filming as all the cast had chaperones with them whenever they left the flats to make sure they didn’t “run off,” Amy said.

So much was left out of the show

In Married at First Sight we only get four hour long episodes a week meaning a LOT of stuff is not shown.

Amy said she really enjoyed filming the show as she and Josh were constantly laughing, with even the camera crew not being able to film properly on account of their laughter.

She said they went on a really fun wine tasting during their honeymoon, the home stay included drinking loads of margaritas with her friends and the spiritualist was “next level”.

Mingling between flats wasn’t allowed

Amy told The Tab even though the couples all lived in the same block of flats in Brighton they weren’t meant to mingle with each other and the couples all stuck to their own flats.

They played ‘What Do You Meme?’

Though Amy revealed the couples had to keep mainly to themselves, nearer the end of filming many of the cast would get together and play “What Do You Meme?”.

Amy said she has been loving the memes about the show and wants to create a MAFS edition of “What Do You Meme?” and gift it to everyone.

She said: “We were allowed to go and have drinks, like sensible drinks and actually we all get together and play ‘What Do You Meme?’

“I actually want to like get together all the memes people have made during the show and I want to make a special MAFS UK edition of ‘What do You Meme?’ and I’m gonna give it to everybody for Christmas.”

Sorry MAFS cast but we’ve just spoilt your Christmas present.

It was usually a week between each dinner party

The dinner parties are a big feature of the show and are usually where the most of the drama between the cast goes down.

Amy said filming for the dinner parties can sometimes be 12 hours long and it was usually a week between each dinner party, giving the couples plenty of time to work on their relationship.

During the home visits they weren’t allowed to hug their friends

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Filming for the show took place during the easing of lockdown restrictions which meant during the home stays the cast were unable to hug their friends and family.

“During the home stay that’s why I was like so emotional, I knew I was seeing my besties. And it was Covid so we weren’t allowed to go near our friends. So that was really hard,” Amy said.

They had access to a therapist and different rooms to sleep in

As part of safeguarding measures all the cast had access to a psychologist and could speak to the experts when they needed to.

Many of the couples also spent time in other rooms if they needed time apart.

Amy and Josh spent a night apart

Married at first sight uk amy

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Though there was the option to have different rooms if they ever needed it Amy said she and Josh only spent one night apart which was on their honeymoon.

Amy said they’d spent 10 hours on the plane together getting to know more about each other and just wanted some space to themselves when they arrived.

She said: “We didn’t take any time apart at all apart from on our honeymoon, just because we wanted to chill out basically. I wanted to fake tan, he wanted to chill out.

“We spent like 10 hours together on the plane or whatever and we were knackered. They asked us if we would like a room each for the night to chill out.”

Filming took place between February and June

The filming process for Married At First Sight UK took around four months, Amy said she began filming in February and ended in June.

This means for the last few months the whole cast has had to keep the status of their relationship a secret, which Amy has found very difficult.

She said: “I’m really good at keeping other people’s secrets,  but when it comes to my business, I’m quite gushy, and I’m like, ‘oh my god’. It’s just really hard to keep it in.”

Um, does this mean Amy and Josh are still together?

Amy Christophers is a presenter for Racing TV’s #Raceday, taking new and existing racing fans behind the scenes on social media to bring the stories and buzz of a raceday to life. Follow their Instagram page for more.

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