Married At First Sight UK divorce quiz

Take this quiz and we’ll tell you if your Married At First Sight wedding will end in divorce

Honestly just give me the divorce papers now

Seven days. No, I’m not quoting the terrifying phone call that marks your death after watching the video tape in The Ring. I’m referring to an occasion far more sinister: the finale of Married At First Sight UK. That’s right, there’s only seven little days left until we get to find out which of the chaotic couples have decided to weather the storm forever or call it quits. One more week of putting on a brave face or harrowingly telling your wife to not speak over you at a dinner party. Pick your poison! And whilst you prepare for the week ahead, take this extremely scientific quiz to determine whether your Married At First Sight UK wedding would end in a bitter divorce.

Will your marriage be full of fiery, sexual spice like Josh and Amy? Or will you be more Morag and Luke, accepting the dismal fact that you’ve got the sexual chemistry of two wet dish cloths? Will you follow in the footsteps of Dan and Matt and Adam and Tayah, with a wedding that fills you with love and cheer? Or will it be a disaster of epic Ant and Nikita proportions? Only way you’ll find out is taking this hallowed Married At First Sight UK divorce quiz…

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