When does married at first sight uk end

Right when is the last episode of Married At First Sight UK?

I’m not ready for the drama to end

Married At First Sight UK is easily the most dramatic show on TV right now and after weeks of intense love and arguments the show is approaching its end date. But just when does Married At First Sight UK end?

The show began a few weeks ago and saw 16 strangers marry a carefully selected partner in a commitment ceremony in front of their nearest and dearest.

In the episodes that followed the eight couples went on honeymoons, moved in together and attended dinner parties with their fellow newlyweds. And that’s when it all kicked off. One contestant was booted off the show, two more admitted to cheating on their new partners and a whole new couple was formed.

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Sadly though the dramatic scenes will have to come to an end and tonight’s episode has already teased the final commitment ceremony. So when will be the last time we see Morag and co?

When does Married At First Sight UK end?

This series of MAFS UK has 21 episodes and began on 30th August with four episodes per week.

If the show sticks to this schedule then the final episode would air on Monday 5th October. However this has not been confirmed by E4 yet.

Will there be another series of Married At First Sight UK?

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It is yet to be confirmed if there’s another series of MAFS UK in the works however there are rumours of a spinoff series for this year’s cast.

A source told The Sun bosses were impressed with the series so far and are wanting to bring the cast back together for a spinoff to let viewers of the show know what they’re up to now.

They said: “The cast has been approached and everyone is really excited about letting their future fans know how they are getting on. The spin-off will air this autumn after the full series has been broadcast.

“Now that C4 bosses have seen the edits [of the main show], they have already green-lit a glossy follow-up because even they want to know what has happened since.”

I just need to know if Matt and Daniel are still together.

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