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These are the ages of the Married At First Sight UK cast

Daniel and Matt have a 12 year age gap

Married At First Sight UK is firmly back in our lives, having had a serious revamp and now features eight couples of a variety of ages and sexualities who will all marry strangers.

Following the Australian format of the show Married At First Sight UK is going to feature 21 episodes about the marriages of the eight couples as they get to know each other and their fellow contestants. After being matched by the experts, the couples will meet for the first time on their wedding day before heading off on a honeymoon and then moving in together. They will have weekly catchups with their fellow cast members to discuss their marriages, and if it’s anything like the Aussie version it’s sure to kick off.

Last night’s episode focused on the wedding of the series’ first ever gay couple – Daniel and Matt. Their wedding was beautiful and went off without a hitch, however much was made of the couple’s age gap, with comments from Daniel and Matt as well as their families. Daniel is 27 years old and Matt is 39 years old giving them a 12 year age gap. Things appear to be going well between them so hopefully they can prove age is just a number.

But about the other Married At First Sight UK cast members? How old are they and who is the youngest contestant?

These are the ages of the Married At First Sight UK cast:


via Instagram @tayahvictoria

Tayah is the youngest of the Married At First Sight UK cast at 25-years-old.


via Instagram @meganwolfeinsta

Megan is 26 years old and was one of the first couples to get married on the show in her dream fairytale style wedding.


via Instagram @robert_voysey

Robert is 26 years old, just like his new bride Megan and her rather protective twin brother.


via Instagram @adamaveling

If you hadn’t noticed Adam is incredibly ripped and he’s 26 years old.


via Instagram @joshuachristie_

Joshua is also 26 years old, damn do the casting team have a type?


via Instagram @jordonmundell

Finally someone older than 26! Personal trainer Jordon is 27 years old.


via Instagram @nikita_jasmine

Nikita has only been in one episode of the show so far and is easily the most memorable cast member. She’s 27 years old now but was 26 during the filming of the show.


via Instagram @danielmckeee

The age gap between Daniel and his husband Matt was a large part of last night’s episode as Daniel is 27 years old and therefore more than 10 years younger than Matt.


via Instagram @alexiseconomoux

Model Alexis hasn’t received much screen time yet but I’m sure we’ll be seeing the 28-year-old soon enough.


via Instagram @antpoole_

Ant is 28 years old and everyone was rushing to his defence on Twitter after Nikita didn’t appear too pleased with him as her husband.


via Instagram @morag_moo

Morag is 31 years old but has no plans to stop her wild partying days, let’s just hope Luke likes to party too.


via Instagram @thatsportsspice

Influencer and sports presenter Amy is 34 years old and has over 100,000 Instagram followers.


via Instagram @luke.dawson1010

Morag’s husband Luke is 36 years old, giving the couple a five year age gap.


Personal trainer Marilyse is 37 years old and has two teenage sons, I hope I look as fit as her after two children.


via Instagram @matt_d_jameson

Matt’s age was brought up in last night’s episode after he expressed his worry over his age gap with Daniel.

Matt is 39 years old making him 12 years older than his husband Daniel.


via Instagram @fitcoachfranky

Franky is the eldest of the Married At First Sight UK cast at 47 years old.

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