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MAFS UK is back and these 21 reactions prove just how chaotic the show already is

Ant hun, just leave now

Married at First Sight UK finally dropped on E4 last night and if the reactions are anything to go by then the show is set to reach the dramatic levels of the Australian version.

Last night’s premiere episode introduced us to the 16 singles who have chosen to get married to complete strangers. The new cast all met up in two different bars divided into the guys and the girls with the special addition of Daniel who will be marrying Matt.

After the initial met up the episode focused on two couples – Nikita and Ant and Megan and Bob. And it’s safe to say Nikita has prompted a very strong reaction with viewers. Twitter was full of memes reacting to the drama she’s already causing as well as a number of sweet tweets about Megan and Bob’s blossoming relationship.

These are the 21 funniest reactions to last night’s Married At First Sight UK:

1. Turns out it’s not that difficult

2. Fingers crossed

3. I’m waiting

4. Omg the cat is already there

5. Pretends to act shocked

6. Just a simple wedding is all Meg is after

7. Bob I love you but this is not how photo frames work

8. They have SO much in common

9. Sure hun

10. The drama we need

11. Good luck 👀

12. Just a tad awkward

13. Seriously go!

14. Honestly what a man

15. My heart

16. Sorry but what was that?

17. Bless him

18. Literally what was going through their minds?

19. LOL

20. What were Channel 4 playing at?

21. Just saying…

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