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Inside the Instagram accounts of the new Married at First Sight UK cast

Ok but this lineup is fire 🔥

Married at First Sight UK is finally kicking off on Monday and this new series promises to be full of drama, thanks in part to the new format but most importantly the cast and you need to be following their Instagrams now.

The new series will see eight couples marry each other without ever meeting but unlike in previous years the 16 contestants will go on the journey together, living in the same apartment block and regularly meeting up for dinner parties.

Amongst the 16 contestants there’s an influencer, an electrician and a real estate agent. The cast vary in ages and backgrounds so their Instagrams are a great way to learn more about the soon to be newlyweds. Expect night out pictures, travel photos and the occasional work out video.

These are the Instagrams of the Married at First Sight UK cast:


via Instagram @antpoole_

Instagram handle: @antpoole_

Number of followers: 1,109

First up is 28-year-old Ant who is described as a “social butterfly” and his Instagram is certainly a reflection of that.

Throughout his feed there’s a number of pictures of him with his mates on nights out or on holiday together. His Instagram is also littered with thirst traps of him shirtless and lots of selfies.


via Instagram @tayahvictoria

Instagram handle: @tayahvictoria

Followers: 964

Tayah is 25 years old and works in real estate and from the looks of her Instagram loves getting glammed up and going out. She regularly posts pictures of herself on nights out and with her mates.

Tayah used to be a flight attendant at British Airways so her Instagram also includes photos of her travels around the world.


via Instagram @joshuachristie_

Instagram handle: @joshuachristie_

Followers: 58,600

Joshua already has a pretty big Instagram following thanks to being a rugby player for the Jamaica rugby sevens and appearing on the reality show Shipwrecked.

His Instagram is full of shirtless pics, like a LOT. There’s also the occasional shot of Joshua with his mates or him riding motorcross bikes.


via Instagram @alexiseconomoux

Instagram handle: @alexiseconomoux

Followers: 14,400

Alexis is a model and so it makes sense she has quite a decent Instagram following. She’s definitely worth a follow with her Instagram full of fit pictures, modelling shots and the occasional inspirational quote.

Alexis’s Instagram also features a number of highlights dedicated to the trips she’s taken around the world including Sweden, Marbella and Morocco.


via Instagram @luke.dawson1010

Instagram handle: @luke.dawson1010

Number of followers: 352

Luke is 36 years old and has currently has quite a small following, however his Instagram has a very wholesome vibe to it.

There’s pictures of him with his dog, nights at the pub and the occasional selfie working as a firefighter.


via Instagram @morag_moo

Instagram handle: @morag_moo

Number of followers: 2,095

Morag is 31 years old and says she wants to find someone who will still party with her and it’s clear she loves to go out from her Instagram where there are plenty of night out shots.

However Morag also appears to love spending time in nature as there’s pictures of her hiking, paddle boarding and swimming.


via Instagram @matt_d_jameson

Instagram handle: @matt_d_jameson

Number of followers: 196

Matt doesn’t have loads of photos on his Instagram but the ones he does have make him look like a very fun guy.

There’s landscape photos, pictures of him on the beach and a boujie coffee shot.


via Instagram @nikita_jasmine

Instagram handle: @nikita_jasmine

Number of followers: 22,500

Nikita is friends with a bunch of ex Love Islanders and Geordie Shore cast members and they regularly appear on her Instagram, often on nights out together.

Nikita also posts fire outfit pictures and the occasional sponsored post for underwear and sex toy companies.


via Instagram @fitcoachfranky

Instagram handle: @fitcoachfranky

Number of followers: 9,607

Franky is the eldest of the Married at First Sight cast but has one of the highest followings so far. As a personal trainer Franky’s Instagram is full of work out videos and pictures.

There’s also a few posts that show off his boujie lifestyle in Dubai.


Instagram handle: @marilyse_elena_corrigan_pt

Number of followers: 4,197

Marilyse is a personal trainer but you won’t find exercise videos or transformation shots on her Instagram.

Instead Marilyse’s Instagram features many photos with her two sons. She has also posts beautiful selfies with her friends and her travels around the world.


via Instagram @robertvoysey

Instagram handle: @robertvoysey

Number of followers: 825

You can find out everything you need to know about Robert from his Instagram bio where he tells followers he’s from Bournemouth, loves football and theatre.

His Instagram is full of photos with his mates and the occasional footie shot.


via Instagram @thatsportsspice

Instagram handle: @thatsportsspice

Number of followers: 105,000

Amy is an influencer so of course she has the most Instagram followers of the Married At First Sight cast.

Amy’s Instagram is full of pictures of her working as a sports presenter, the occasional sponsored post and fit selfies. Amy is also a big fan of using reels and posts videos of recipes and adverts.


via Instagram @danielmckeee

Instagram handle: @danielmckeee

Number of followers: 1,237

Daniel lives in Northern Ireland where he likes to indulge in his outdoors hobbies of hiking and swimming. His Instagram is full of incredible landscape photos and swimming shots.

Daniel also has Highlights dedicated to his various travels across the world including Japan, Taiwan and Norway.


via Instagram @meganwolfeinsta

Instagram handle: @meganwolfeinsta

Number of followers: 548

Megan has a pretty typical Instagram for a 26 year old – it’s full of night out photos, pictures with family and incredible make up selfies.

There’s also a number of professional model shots of Megan which look stunning.


via Instagram @adamaveling

Instagram handle: @adamaveling

Number of followers: 2,539

Adam is heavily involved in competing in fitness modelling when he’s not working as an electrician and so naturally his Instagram is full of shirtless selfies documenting his gym progress.

It features transformation pictures and a number of highlights dedicated to the exercises he does in the gym.


via Instagram @jordonmundell

Instagram handle: @jordonmundell

Number of followers: 551

Jordon is 27 years old and has a pretty small number of Instagram posts on his account. He generally posts selfies, pictures with friends and travel photos.

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