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Half of the MAFS UK cast have already appeared on a bunch of reality shows

Alexis was a semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent


This year’s Married At First Sight UK has had a serious drama injection and now features eight couples tying the knot before embarking on married life together. The new Australian format can be given some credit for the added spice but the main reason the show is full of drama is thanks to a number of contestants who are already used to appearing on reality shows.

At least eight of the 16 Married At First Sight UK cast members have previously appeared on other reality shows, from Take Me Out to TOWIE to Ibiza Weekender there’s hardly a show these lot haven’t been on.

Nikita, Ant, Morag, Joshua, Adam and Amy have all taken part in a show in the last few years either trying to win money or a date. Despite only appearing on the shows a few years ago some of the contestants are looking seriously different. And it’s even possible Ant and Nikita could have met before Married At First Sight.

These are the Married At First Sight UK cast members who have already been on reality shows:


It’s safe to say Nikita is easily the most dramatic of the MAFS UK cast members so far and perhaps unsurprisingly it turns out she’s already been on two reality shows before.

In 2018 Nikita appeared on Comedy Central’s Your Face Or Mine alongside her ex boyfriend Billy. However at the time she was the other woman and was brought on at the end of the episode. And then a year later the two returned to the show for their second appearance and were roasted by Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan.

via MTV

Your Face Or Mine is not the only show Nikita has appeared on with her ex, Nikita and Billy were also featured on MTV’s True Love Or True Lies in 2018.

She looks quite different because of her red hair but there’s no denying it’s definitely Nikita.


Nikita and Ant actually have far more in common than they think, as Ant also appeared on Comedy Central’s Your Face Or Mine.

In late 2018 Ant went on the show with his stunning girlfriend Dhechen. During the episode Dhechen joked she fancied Ant’s brother more than him and Jimmy Carr accused Ant on cheating on Dhechen after a silk robe tie was found in Ant’s bed.

Ant denied he cheated on Dhechen and insisted the tie belonged to his dad.


married at first sight uk reality shows

via ITV

Morag is yet another Married at First Sight UK cast member to have already appeared on a dating show. In 2018 she was on Take Me Out and stayed on the show for seven weeks as she was not lucky in finding a man.

During Take Me Out she looks very different with extremely long blonde hair and kinda has an Olivia Attwood look to her.

After the show finished she confessed to fancying Paddy McGuinness, the host of Take Me Out,  rather than any of the actual contestants on it.


via E4

MAFS cast member Joshua is no stranger to an E4 reality show, having appeared on Shipwrecked in 2019.

Joshua was only on the show for four episodes however as he had to quit due to a family emergency.

And that wasn’t Joshua’s first appearance on a reality show, he also appeared on an episode of Ibiza Weekender and once called it his “claim to fame”.


married at first sight uk reality shows

via Instagram @adamaveling

Adam is a proper sweetheart on MAFS UK and he previously appeared on ITV’s dating show Back To Mine in 2019.

The show sees one single person visit the homes of three potential dates before deciding who to date and was narrated by Rochelle Humes.


via Channel 5

Before her career as a sports presenter Amy was a glamour model going by the alias of Brandy Brewer.

Amy appeared as Brandy on the UK version of The Bachelor in 2012. The show featured a number of women competing to become Spencer Matthews’ girlfriend. What a prize.

She lasted for five episodes on the show and looked very different to her appearance on Married At First Sight thanks to her blonde hair.


via ITV

Marilyse gives off very wholesome vibes in Married At First Sight UK  and even her previous reality show cameo is pretty warm hearted.

In 2013 Marilyse appeared in an episode of TOWIE to talk to Lucy Mecklenburgh about Mario cheating. In the season eight episode the two women go for coffee so Marilyse could dispel rumours Mario had slept with another girl, Amy, whilst they were working at a Manchester nightclub.

In the episode Marilyse said: “Mario was there with his friends, he was sat in the same seat all night, just with a group of lads.

“She was fighting past people to sit next to him. He didn’t look too happy about it. He was alone, he kept himself to himself. He wasn’t holding any girls hands.”

After the episode aired Amy went onto speak out on Twitter claiming she did sleep with Mario and called Marilyse a “stupid bitch”.

Lucy then went onto defend Marilyse saying she had contacted the show and wanted Lucy to know the truth.


Alexis now works as model but before that she tried to make it big as singer when she competed on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014.

And she did more than just alright – Alexis and her band REAformed were Alesha Dixon’s golden buzzer act and made it straight through to the semi final.

They competed on one of the series semi finals but sadly didn’t make it any further than that.

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