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Quiz: Which of the Married At First Sight UK girls are you really?

I will only accept Queen Alexis

This series of Married At First Sight UK would be nowhere near as good as it is without its female cast members. The seven women are fiery, chaotic and have no problem calling each other out. But of these seven women who are you most like? We’ve created a quiz to see which of the Married At First Sight UK girls you are.

The girls appear to be in two camps – the loud ones aka Morag, Nikita and Alexis and the quiet ones – aka Tayah and Marilyse. And we all naturally fall into one of these two groups. However there’s more than just their likelihood to start an argument that separates these women. Their turn offs, goals and lifestyles are completely varied. By selecting your favourite drink, how you handle arguments and which guy you’d most like to marry we can tell you which of the MAFS UK girls you are.

If you’re loud, love prosecco and have been kicked out of a club then you’re probably like Nikita. If you want to settle down straight away, fall in love quickly and are the agony aunt of your friendship group then you’re probably like Tayah.

To find out which Married At First Sight UK woman you are, take our quiz here:

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