which married at first sight uk couples still together

A detailed investigation into which MAFS UK couples are still together

If Daniel and Matt are over then l don’t believe in love

This series of Married At First Sight UK has actually produced some pretty loved up couples and I will be devastated if they break up. Can you imagine a world in which Daniel and Matt don’t go swimming in the sea every morning together? Or Adam and Tayah don’t grow old and have six kids? Obviously there are a few couples everyone would happily see breakup, but which Married At First Sight UK couples are still together?

Through a lot of Instagram stalking we’ve done some serious investigative work to see which couples have stood the test of time. No couple has confirmed the status of their relationship after the show which was filmed in the spring of this year, meaning the couples have had to keep quiet about their relationship for a good few months.

However in that time there’s been a few little hints on the status of each couple. So which Married At First Sight UK couples are still together? This is everything we know:

Daniel and Matt

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I won’t lie if Daniel and Matt aren’t still together then I’m going to give up on love all together. Matt and Daniel made history as the first gay couple on Married At First Sight and instantly seemed to have a connection.

They appear to be the most loved up couple on the series and have yet to run into any problems apart from their geographical distance from each other. Daniel is based in Northern Ireland and Matt lives in West Yorkshire.

The two don’t give much away on their Instagrams to indicate if they’re still together and they don’t follow each other but I’m still holding out hope.

Adam and Tayah

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Adam and Tayah look to be perfectly in love and are even planning babies, surely they’re still together? Though they don’t follow each other on Instagram their accounts are dropping plenty of hints.

On Tayah’s Instagram she shared a picture of herself and Adam at one of the dinner parties. Underneath Morag commented saying “You guys are too bloody gorgeous 😍” and Nikita wrote “There they are 😻😻😻 my favourite people!!! 🤍🤍🤍”. The best mates’ approval surely means they’re still on?

One comment about Adam was left under one of Tayah’s photos which said he was “a good bloke” and Tayah replied saying “He really is🙌🏽”.

Adam has also been appreciating the love on Instagram, liking many people’s comments about him and Tayah saying they were the best couple. Whilst it’s not concrete proof it’s a good indication they’re still happy.

Amy and Josh

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Amy and Josh’s relationship has been tense from the beginning to say the least. Whether it’s their age gap, lack of communication or zero interest in each other’s hobbies, it seems unlikely the couple are still together.

They don’t follow each other on Instagram but there is one clue which indicates things are going better than expected.

Amy recently revealed she got her lip fillers taken out AFTER the experiment because Josh prefers the natural look.

She told The Sun: “I came out of the experiment and got my lips dissolved. Josh prefers the more natural look.

“I wanted to start afresh and have a more lifted lip. Now I’m back to my natural lips I actually quite like it.”

Sorry but that definitely feels like something is still going on.

Franky and Marilyse

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It’s safe to say we’d all like Marilyse to find someone other than Franky, but are they still together?

It didn’t look good after last night’s episode in which Franky told Marilyse not to speak when he speaks, however the couple were spotted on a night out together this weekend.

via Instagram @lemi_san_gezer

MMA fighter Lemi San Gezer shared a selfie with Franky, Marilyse, Morag and Luke all on a night out together in Beverley, which is Marilyse’s hometown. Either they’re still together or really good mates.

Morag and Luke

which married at first sight uk couples are still together

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Luke and Morag sure have been on a journey during MAFS UK. They started with Morag saying she didn’t get what she ordered on the wedding day to Luke performing a strip tease in a fireman costume. So who knows where this couple is after a few months away from the show.

However there have been a few hints on Instagram which suggests Luke and Morag are actually together. For starters Morag shared a picture of herself at her viewing party for the show and captioned it saying it made up for the lack of guests at the wedding.

She said: “Had the best night celebrating with friends and family last night. The weddings were kept really small and couldn’t have all our loved ones there. So last night certainly made up for it”. Suspicious 👀.

Then she liked and replied to a number of comments in support of her and Luke’s relationship. Morag replied to one comment which said “Oh I love you two together I really hope you make it” with a number of fingers crossed emojis.

Morag also replied to another comment which said”I hope you are still together, he is so lovely and you need to look beyond what you’ve ordered, or you’ll never find someone! xx”.

Her response suggested they could be together as she said: “He is an absolute angel. And you’re not wrong. Everyday I’m learning and growing. Xx”.

If that wasn’t enough evidence then let’s also consider the picture of her and Luke on a recent night out with Franky and Marilyse.

Bob and Megan

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As much as they want to convince everyone else and themselves they’re getting on, it’s safe to say Bob and Megan are probably just friends now.

There’s only been a very small hint they’re together after Megan replied to a question on Instagram.

One of her followers asked her if she still hopes to find romance, to which Megan replied: “I may have found it with Bob!!! I’ll always be a hopeless romantic.”

Yeah I don’t know if that’s a yes or a no either.

Ant and Alexis

which married at first sight uk couples still together

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If the most recent episode is anything to go by then Alexis and Ant are most definitely not together.

The pair rejoined the show after breaking up with their original partners Jordon and Nikita in an earlier episode. They had a connection at the first dinner party and the experts allowed them back on to explore their relationship.

However after a few episodes it was clear they were in the friendzone. They don’t follow each other on Instagram which says it all really.

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