situationship signs

These are the seven signs you’re stuck in a situationship

3. You’ve not met their family or friends

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they will find themselves stuck in a situationship. It’s not as deep as a relationship, it’s not as casual as friends as benefits, it’s an awkward in-between stage where no one knows what’s going on. It’s confusing, irritating and usually ends in tears. Sound familiar?

You’ll have sex, go for drinks and occasionally have deep chats about your past, but at no point is your relationship status ever mentioned. A situationship is completely undefined and whilst it may sound hippie and romantic to say you have no label, it becomes pretty frustrating when you have no idea if you’re going to see them again.

And they’re not going anywhere – dating expert and co-founder of Select Personal Introductions, Alex Mellor-Brook, told The Tab situationships are becoming more common as we’re “socially holding off on any formal commitment”. Great.

So if they’re more likely to become part of our dating lives, what are the exact signs you’re in a situationship?

1. You’ve been seeing each other but make no plans or talk about the future

Alex told The Tab a tell tale sign of a situationship is seeing each other but neither of you make any plans, especially for the future.

And Hinge’s dating expert Sam Owen told the Daily Mail it’s a major red flag if you’re never making plans for future dates whilst you’re on one.

2. Conversation is superficial and usually sex based

Look we all love a little flirt and tease, but if your entire conversation is largely revolving around sex then Alex suggests this is a big clue you’re in a situationship.

3. There is no integration of each other’s lives

Meeting friends and family is a bit part of dating and heading towards a relationship but if you’re keeping your lives separate it’s not looking good.

Sam told the Daily Mail a reluctance or hesitation to introduce you to their family could be an indication they’re not taking the relationship seriously, especially if they haven’t given a satisfactory answer as to why they’re reluctant to meet your relatives.

4. You might not have been on an actual date

This may be one of the more obvious situationship signs but if you guys haven’t actually gone on a proper date Alex says this a key indicator your relationship is more of a situationship.

5. They’re aloof

Sam says a key way to see if someone isn’t considering taking the relationship to the next level is if their conversation doesn’t become deeper and they’re not as interested in finding out stuff about you.

She said: “When you’re really into someone, you want to more deeply connect with them as things progress. You genuinely want to learn about them and tell them things about yourself.

“If they’re not spending as much time with you as you would expect in a new relationship, and/or the conversations aren’t becoming progressively deeper, they’re not considering a long-term relationship with you.”

6. You’re nervous to ask about your relationship status

Nerves are to be expected when you’re discussing relationship status, but Sam suggested if you’re not asking the question because you already know the answer then you probably are in a situationship.

She said: “You are not asking the questions you want to ask because you’ve intuitively gleaned that their answer won’t be what you want to hear.

“If you want to be in a long-term commitment but keep holding yourself back from determining the relationship status, you’re likely in a situationship.”

7. They won’t define the relationship

It’s pretty obvious but them not defining your relationship is a clear sign you’re stuck in a situationship.

If you’re trying to have conversations about the status of your relationship and they’re pretending they don’t hear you, avoid the subject or give vague answers then it’s not looking good.

Sam suggests it’s fine if they don’t know what they want but they have to be clear about this with you. If only it was that easy.

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