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Gabbie Hanna is finally stepping away from the internet and it’s been a long time coming

She should’ve been cancelled when she released Monster tbh

Gabbie Hanna drama has been knocking about the internet for years now. She first broke out on Vine and made her way onto YouTube and she’s been problematic for the entire ride. She’s faced several controversies this year with big creators such as Trisha Paytas, Joey Graceffa, Bo Burnham and Jessi Smiles. All of these feuds have happened in the last two months alone since Gabbie created her series on her channel calling out influencers. After a two week break, she returned with a music video yesterday called “Sorry…I’m Late”, in which she filmed herself singing in the bath. It was her way of telling her subscribers that she was now going “offline entirely” and quitting the internet.

She’s going offline because her ‘mental health was being compromised’

Underneath her video, she wrote a long description reeling out the reasons for her sacking off her influencer title. She spoke about the subject of her career and fame, saying: “I knew coming into this that it would be difficult, but I wasn’t able to handle it the way I thought I was.”

She felt as though by being online, her “mental health was being compromised”. This announcement came after a long series of videos calling out everyone who wronged her over the span of her career, from Vine to YouTube. She claims the series was never about drama, it was a way of “processing trauma” but the people she spoke about are the ones who “consistently” drag her into drama online.

Here is a list of recent, steaming hot Gabbie Hanna drama which led up to her quitting the internet:

Gabbie Hanna has had beef with Trisha Paytas

TW: Discussions of rape 

Right so, somewhere along the line in their online careers, Trisha and Gabbie became the internet’s favourite YouTubers to hate. They’re always the centre of controversies, Trisha just recently having theirs where they were cancelled. And they both have long sagas about influencers not taking accountability for their actions, something they’ve both been called out on too.

Last month, Gabbie called Trisha “fucking nasty” and the “Perez Hilton of our generation” in a 41 minute long video which she posted onto her YouTube channel. The video was essentially a reaction to the claims Trisha made about her in 2019. Each of them have around five million subscribers on their main channels and they post similar content, speaking about mental health, ranting and other influencers doing bad things.

In 2019, Trisha was dating Jason Nash (a member of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad) who Gabbie Hanna was once connected with as well prior to 2017. In November 2019, Gabbie allegedly told Jason that Trisha has an untreatable STD and as a result Trisha publicly announced they considered taking a restraining order against Gabbie.

Their fight then spiraled into a big, totally unrelated controversy where a former fan of Gabbie’s tweeted claiming she had chosen to be friends with a “rapist over her then best friend, who was the victim.” Gabbie’s “then best friend” is Jessi Smiles, an old Viner who pressed rape charges against another old Viner Curtis LePore who later pleaded guilty. This is how Gabbie earned the reputation as a “rape apologise” which Trisha referenced in their recent video.

Gabbie has claimed Jessi Smiles was her ‘abuser’

From another video in her latest series, Gabbie Hanna has claimed Jessi Smiles was her “abuser”, she said: “I’m saying this with my whole fucking chest, and I’m past the point of needing or wanting people to believe me, I’m saying it for me. This is the truth. Jessi is my abuser.”

She claimed since 2015 she has been subject to “narcissistic abuse, blackmail, stalking, slander, smear campaigns, gaslighting, threats of physical violence and online harassment.” However her subscribers have called her out on it saying she is “delusional” and “disgusting”.

In response to Gabbie’s episode about Jessi, Jessi tweeted: “I want to throw up. Filming tonight. This needs to end.”

Gabbie was also accused of stalking Bo Burnham

June wasn’t the best month for Gabbie but it was great for Gabbie Hanna drama. As a result of her series on YouTube, she faced a lot of backlash. Critics re-discovered an older video where Gabbie claimed she had a relationship with Bo Burnham.

She uploaded the original video in 2014 and in it she spoke about her most embarrassing secrets. One of them being her fake romantic relationship with Bo Burnham. She allegedly created a fake Facebook account posing as Bo Burnham and photoshopped herself into pictures with him, setting it as the profile pictures and accepted a relationship request onto her personal profile.

Gabbie called herself a “stalker” and said herself that her behaviour was “creepy”.

Joey Graceffa called Gabbie ‘awful’ after she accused him of bullying last month

After releasing a video calling Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda bullies, Joey claimed Gabbie was “truly awful” on the set of his show Escape The Night. Gabbie released her video called Escape the Nightmare where she addressed her experience working on Joey’s show and claims she was treated poorly by Daniel and Joey afterwards.

Shortly after Joey tweeted: “I’ve been very silent about how truly awful she was on set but if this is the game she wants…let’s play bitch.”

Joey released a YouTube video called “Gabbie Hanna needs to stop” in which he starts off by saying: “Gabbie was the nightmare”.

This month, Gabbie started a feud with British YouTuber Angelika Oles

Angelika is the most recent person Gabbie has fought online. She runs a drama channel and comments on other small UK based channels. Back in 2018 she discussed people like Saffron Barker and Zoella. She first spoke about Gabbie Hanna in December 2018 when she addressed the iconic “monster” meme.

Earlier this year there was also a death hoax on Twitter

At the end of May, “RIP Gabbie Hanna” was trending on Twitter which alarmed many of her fans as it implied the obvious: that Gabbie was dead. However, evidently, the hashtag was a joke and the hashtag was just full of memes referencing some of her most viral videos and moments.

Since then, Gabbie Hanna drama has been in full swing on social media. Especially through the month of June.

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