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Sharon says she was ‘blindsided’ by Aaron and wanted to step forward for Jake on day one

She thinks Hugo was an ‘easy’ option for AJ

Last night saw Sharon Gaffka leave Love Island. She was there from the beginning, created some drama over Hugo’s “fake” comments and was savagely friend zoned from day one.

Yesterday’s episode featured a shock recoupling which allowed the two new bombshells Danny and AJ to pick first. Sharon was previously coupled up with Hugo in a friendship couple, however AJ was the first to pick and she chose to couple up with Hugo. After everyone else had coupled up this left Sharon single and she was therefore dumped from the island.

There were a LOT of tears from Sharon and all the girls about her departure and Sharon said she was sad to be leaving the villa because of all the close friends she made.

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This is everything Sharon had to say in her exit interview about her time on Love Island 2021:

Sharon wouldn’t change anything about her Love Island experience

Though she spent the majority of her time in “friend Island” rather than “Love Island” Sharon told ITV she wouldn’t take anything back from her time on the show.

She said: “My Love Island experience was a whirlwind! When I walked in I remember the first thing in my head was ‘don’t fall over!’ because I’m really clumsy. It’s definitely been something exciting and it’s the first proper selfish thing I’ve done for myself in my life. Even though I spent most of it on ‘Friend Island’ instead of ‘Love Island’, I wouldn’t change any of that.”

Though she wouldn’t change anything about her time Sharon did say she is disappointed to be leaving. She said: “Obviously, I feel disappointed leaving now because I made really good friends. They’ll always be a part of my life and I was enjoying my experience.”

She thought she played a supporting role

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Sharon told ITV it was only near the end of her time in the villa she realised she actually had to start being selfish with her decisions.

She said: “Most of my Love Island experience has been helping other people come out of their shell and being that supporting role. It was only towards the end I realised that I’m here for the same reason as everyone else so I should be selfish and not take a backseat because of the friends I’ve made. I was ready to start being selfish and pursuing things that I wanted. Timing is everything and everything happens for a reason.”

Sharon said Danny was intimated by her

Before she left Love Island Sharon went on a date with the new boy Danny. When asked about her feelings towards him Sharon said she thought he was attractive but that he was “intimated” by her level of education.

She told ITV: “I thought Danny was attractive; all of the guys in the Villa are. There were qualities about him that I really liked, for example he’s driven and he’s not one of those people who is happy to float between things. But one thing he said that really stuck with me was he was intimidated by me because of my education level and my career background. It’s not the first time an Islander made a comment to me about my career and whether it’s compatible for them.”

Another Islander who mentioned her career was Aaron, who expressed a dislike for Sharon not wanting to have kids and instead focus on her career.

She said she was blindsided by Aaron

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Speaking about Aaron, Sharon said she thought they were a “good match” but was blindsided when he pulled her for a chat to end things and thought they acted like exes who kept on getting back together.

She said: “I think we were a good match. We were both very calm people. I would say I can be emotional but we’re both not erratic. We think our feelings through before we react on them. Even though I am bit more fiery than he is, he evened me out. He had a very particular type and very particular list of things he does and doesn’t like in a person.

“As much as I thought we were a good match, I did find that I need someone who is a really strong communicator and who will be open and honest with how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking. Whereas with Aaron, I didn’t feel like I got that. When he pulled me for a chat to call it quits, it was more just being completely blindsided. We were like the exes that kept getting back together for that one week.”

Sharon knew she was going home

When the recoupling came around in last night’s episode Sharon said she knew she would be leaving if AJ picked Hugo. She also shared her thoughts on AJ and Hugo and said Hugo was an “easy” option for AJ as it would cause the least amount of friction between the girls.

Though she understands why they coupled up Sharon doesn’t think AJ has the qualities Hugo is looking for. Sharon said: “I’ve said to him [Hugo] on multiple occasions that he needs to be more open minded because your 100 per cent perfect girl may never walk through the door. I think he gave AJ that chance but I think there are qualities that Hugo really needs that aren’t there in AJ.”

She wanted to step forward for Jake at the beginning

When asked who she wanted to win Love Island Sharon said she was backing Jake and Liberty. However she also revealed on the first day in the villa she was interested in Jake but knew something was happening between him and Liberty.

She said: “From day one I said #Jiberty was going to win. Jake is a very attractive man and when he came down I was going to step forward but as soon as I saw him and I was standing next to Lib, I felt a completely different vibe between them two. I turned around to her and said ‘that’s going to be your man’ and I said ‘yeah, you’ll go all the way to the end.’ I said that from the first five minutes of meeting Jake.

“For everyone in the Villa, watching those two interact on a daily basis, it was a goal for everyone else to strive for. It was really nice to see Lib had found that.”

Sharon will be watching the show at home

Like most ex-Islanders Sharon said she will still be invested in what’s going down in the villa and will be watching from her sofa.

Sharon told ITV: “I made best friends there and when you’re in the Villa, they’re your friends, family, your everything. I want to support them all the way and watch them have their love stories played out.”

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