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Meet Danny Bibby: The new Islander with nearly 100 tattoos and his own clothing range

He’s got tattoos of Cillian Murphy and American Pie’s Stifler

It’s only been 24 hours since a bombshell arrived and yet the Love Islander producers have already introduced us to a new Islander. Just 48 hours ago AJ Bunker made her entrance into the Love Island villa and then last night saw the very brief arrival of the newest Islander – Danny Bibby.

Near the end of the episode Kaz received a text saying she was going on date with Danny. He was briefly shown approaching the date location and sitting down at a table. However that’s all we know about this new boy.

via Instagram @dannybibby_

Tonight’s episode will introduce us to Danny but in the mean time this is everything we know about him:

Danny is 25 years old and lives in Wigan

Danny Bibby is 25 years old, making him one of the older Islanders in the villa. He currently lives in Wigan, Greater Manchester where he works as a plumber. Now the hashtags on Kaz’s text about a handy man make complete sense.

He has his own clothing range

via Instagram @dannybibby_

It appears Danny has a side hustle going on as he is the owner of a clothing brand. He began his range Kramclo during lockdown which features a signature question mark on all the pieces such as shorts and T-shirts.

The brand currently has around 300 followers.

Danny has over 16,000 followers on Instagram

Whilst his brand might not have many followers, Danny himself is doing well with over 16,000 followers. His Instagram is mainly just photos of himself shirtless and pictures of nights out with his mates.

His Instagram handle is @dannybibby_.

Danny has a LOT of tattoos

via Instagram @dannybibby_

If you hadn’t guessed from the looks of his Instagram, Danny has a lot of tattoos. His tattoos appear to cover his whole body including his arms, hands, neck and chest.

According to Reality Titbit Danny has nearly 100 tattoos which include the numbers 666 and eight. He also has a map of the UK, an England flag, Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders, Stifler in American Pie and Muhammad Ali amongst many others.

Danny is into Kaz and Lucinda

Last night we saw Kaz receive the first text for a date with Danny and it appears Lucinda may also be receiving one.

Danny said in his pre show interview he likes the look of Kaz, he said: “I like Kaz’s vibe. Kaz is bubbly like me so I think we’d get on like a house on fire. I think me and Kaz will vibe.”

He also thinks Lucinda will be his type as she has “nice eyes and is tanned”.

Danny is a cat person

via Instagram @dannybibby_

Danny said he’s a cat person and has a kitten called Ruffin, which apparently helps him get the girls.

He said: “He definitely helps me with the ladies… The cat always jumps on the bed and gets a little look!”

He’s described himself as an ‘alpha male’

Danny isn’t holding anything back and wants to be the alpha male in the villa as he feels the current guys are acting like little sheep.

He said: “The guys need an alpha male and I feel like that’s me. The girls have Faye who says it how it is but the lads are all like little sheep. There is no way I would have sat back and let Hugo cry.”

Featured image credits via Instagram @dannybibby_

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