Kaz love island

Just give Kaz the Love Island crown now and be done with it

This woman is an icon carrying the entire show

Every year on Love Island there is a stand out woman in the villa. Sometimes they’re confident and ooze sex appeal like Maura Higgins and Megan Baton Hanson. In some seasons it’s the sweetheart of the group who is kind and loyal, and the entire nation will go into battle for them such as Camilla Thurlow and Dani Dyer. And in other seasons it’s the chaotic messes who will say exactly what they feel aka Olivia Attwood. However this year’s prize for the true queen of the villa goes to the one and only Kaz.

Kaz is easily the most legendary person in that Majorcan villa right now. Without her there would no point even watching the show. All we’d be left with is a bunch of blonde girls snogging a few half decent men who have zero chat.

Kaz brings energy, friendship and incredible outfits to Love Island. She deserves so much more than the current treatment she’s receiving and we should seriously be arguing for her to be the solo winner of the series.

This is every single reason Kaz is the true queen of Love Island 2021:

In her introduction video she said she wanted a guy to rail her

Look it’s what we all want, but Kaz is the only one brave enough to say it. From that video alone, you just know she’s got such a banging personality and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

She’s confident without being arrogant

It’s an extremely hard trait to pull off but Kaz does it well. She believes in herself, constantly backs herself but is never a show off or arrogant with her behaviour.

Every look is fire

I know she’s a fashion influencer so she does have a slight advantage but there has not been one single look of Kaz’s that is not solid gold.

The purple dress. Stunning. The red dress with diamonds on the bust. Divine. The pink cut out dress. Insane. If there’s one thing about Kaz it’s that she knows how to dress.

Kaz and Liberty’s relationship is the strongest in the villa

There’s no arguments here, Kaz and Liberty are carrying this show on their backs. They’re silly together, support each other and have a far more genuine connection than any of the actual couples.

Also their moment together after Jake and Liberty’s date where they were giggling and gassing each other up made me fall in love with them. It showed the purity and deep love that can come from female friendships.

She’s a good mate to the other girls as well

Obviously Kaz and Liberty are the supreme friendship but Kaz is also just a solid mate to the other girls. When Faye ended up with Teddy, Kaz didn’t sweat it and was happy for Faye even though she liked Teddy. She’s just pure class all the way.

The way she handled the Toby situation was so dignified

I’m sure I speak for many girls when I say we would not be able to be as chill as Kaz was when Toby basically dumped her for Chloe. She just moved on, brushed it off her shoulder and cracked on.

Her flirting is top tier

Right I need some tips from Kaz because her flirting is top level. The conversation she had with Teddy on the sun loungers was so chill, smooth and yet full of sexual energy. She got the balance perfectly right.

And let’s be honest the way she pulled Teddy for a chat away from Chloe was just the cherry on the cake.

Kaz has good energy

There’s something about Kaz and the way she presents herself that just screams fun, good vibes and the ideal energy you want around you. You know she’d be up for doing every activity, hitting a boujie bar, clinking cocktails together.

She’d always take the best pictures and offer banging advice. She’s the girl you down shots and dance with, but also have a deep meaningful conversation the next day in your trackies.

And finally, just look at her

Kaz love island

via Instagram @kazkamwi

Nothing but respect for my queen.

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