how to make a sigil

Here’s how to make a sigil, the newest manifestation method all over your TikTok

People say they’ve used them to manifest money, grades and clear skin

If, like the rest of the world, you’re deep on manifestation TikTok, you will have started to see people using sigils all over your FYP. At first glance they might look like slightly confusing symbols, but they’re surprisingly easy to make and people say they’ve used sigils to manifest more money, clear skin and even passing exams. But what is a sigil, how can I make one and how do I know how to use it?

TikTok has so many different methods for manifesting, most recently we all learnt how to use Grabovoi numbers, aka “cheat codes for the universe”. There are loads of different ways of how to make a sigil, but here’s one of the easiest and most simple.

Here’s how to make a sigil, in four easy steps:

1. Write down your manifestations

On a piece of paper, write down what you want to manifest. Manifestations should always be in present tense, as if you already have it – so for example “I am free of anxiety” or “I have clear skin”, rather than “I want …” or “I will have …”.

2. Cross out some of the letters

Once you’ve written out what you’re manifesting, cross out all the vowels and all the repeating letters. Then write out again all the letters that you have left. So from “I have clear skin”, you’d be left with “HVCLRSKN”.

3. Combine all the leftover letters into a symbol

With all the letters you now have left and written out, make a symbol which incorporates all the letters into one symbol. Here are some examples:

Both images via TikTok

Once you’ve done this, draw a circle around your symbol.

4. Throw the paper away

Rip your manifestation and the sigil off the page, and then destroy it. Throw it away, burn it or do something else so you completely forget about it.

Do sigils actually work?

Well, that depends what you believe. TikTok user Psychic Waters says she’s recently successfully made and used sigils for clear skin, getting more followers, and for making her less anxious and stopping her panic attacks.

Other people on TikTok say they use sigils for better grades or passing tests, getting unexpected money, or otherwise manifesting good things into their lives.

You can see different methods for how to manifest using a sigil here.

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