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People on TikTok are sharing ‘cheat codes for the universe’ so you can manifest your life

Grabovoi numbers are literally ‘motherlode’ – but for real life

TikTok is the number one place to learn about manifestation, but now users are sharing Grabovoi numbers – aka “cheat codes” for the universe, which they say you can use to manifest everything from money to love to good grades.

Manifestation is based on focusing on things and attracting them into our lives, and often uses meditation and visualisation. Other techniques of manifestation include the 3, 6, 9 method, or the 17 seconds method. It’s also important to be grateful, remove negativity from your life, and to actually be proactive.

How do I use the Grabovoi universe cheat codes?

When you have your chosen code, you need to input it in to the universe. There are loads of different ways people do this, and you can try out some different ways to find what works for you. Some ways include saying the number out loud, writing it down in a journal, on paper or on your body, or even tracing it in the air with your finger.

Grabovoi, universe, cheat codes, numbers

What are some Grabovoi universe cheat codes I can use to manifest my life?

There are so many of these universe cheat code numbers, for pretty much anything you could think of – just look on TikTok! Some of them include:

• Unexpected money: 520 741 8

• Romantic love: 3856794

• Academic success: 960745288

• Happiness: 487042169


Where do the Grabovoi codes come from?

Grabovoi codes were invented by Grigory Grabovoy, a Russian mathematician. Manifestation blogs have called him “controversial” – in 2008, he was convicted of fraud after promising the parents of children who were killed in a school shooting that he could resurrect their children, for a fee.

Okay but do the Grabovoi cheat codes for the universe actually work?

Uhhhhh. Well. That depends what you believe in.

There are certainly people all over TikTok who claim to have manifested thousands of pounds, a better-paying job, or even better health.

Here are just a couple of examples of the TikToks:

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