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Here’s how to find if your celebrity crush is your soulmate, using zodiac compatibility

One girl on TikTok is 100 per cent compatible with Harry Styles and I’ll never be over it

How many long lockdown nights have you spent wistfully wondering what it would be like to meet your celebrity crush? Thinking about what you’d say to them, how compatible the two of you would be, and of course whether you’re their actual soulmate and will soon be married with a house and two Labradors. I’m willing to bet it’s at least a weekly occurrence, but the good news is you don’t need to wonder any more, because once again TikTok is here to save the day for us all.

We’ve had tests to find out how much of a dumb bitch you are, leggings that make your bum look fit (make sure you’re wearing them when you meet your celeb crush!), and a, uhh, interesting trend involving coconut oil, but now there’s a new TikTok test in town, where you can once and for all find out who your celebrity soulmate is, and if your celeb crush may ever actually love you back.

Okay so what is the celebrity soulmate zodiac compatibility test from TikTok?

The celebrity soulmate test works out your zodiac compatibility using your astrological birth chart. This tells you far more than just your zodiac star sign, but gives your moon and rising signs, and a whole load more – and can also be used to find how romantically compatible you are with someone.

Based on the astrological charts of you and your celebrity crush, the website gives you compatibility scores out of 100 per cent for your conjugal (marriage), emotional, sexual and communication compatibilities. It then uses these four scores to give you an overall percentage compatibility.

I took the test, and found I’m 63 per cent compatible with Harry Styles and 54 per cent with Gillian Anderson. Not massively high results for either, which I am now going to choose to wilfully ignore. In more bad news, the member of One Direction I’m most compatible with is Liam Payne, at 72 per cent. I am also going to choose to ignore this for the rest of my life, but it is a fact I will unfortunately never be able to forget.

tiktok, astrotheme, celebrity, crush, soulmate, compatibility, test, zodiac, astrology

Harry will you pls just love me xxx thanks

After playing around with the website and putting in various celebrities, the one I’m most compatible with is Emma Stone, at 93 per cent. Emma, please feel free to slide into my DMs, because this was quite literally written in the stars.

How do I test my zodiac compatibility with my celebrity crush/soulmate/husband?

Okay so of course you now want to know if you’re going to be fighting with various TikTok users for the attention of Harry Styles, Obama, and, uh, actual Jesus (?), but how do you find out your celebrity soulmate using zodiac and astrological compatibility?

The answer’s simple: Head to astrotheme.com/celestar/, click “Your profile” and put in your name and birthday. You’ll also need to know the city and time you were born in, so you might need to give your mum a quick call.

Once you’ve put all your info in, the Astrotheme website will calculate your astrological birth chart.

Then click “Star 2”, and type in the name of your celebrity crush to see if they really are your soulmate. When the little info box comes up about them, click the “Star 2” button here, and their astrological profile should come up in the comparison box on the main page.

tiktok, astrotheme, celebrity, crush, soulmate, compatibility, test, zodiac, astrology

via the Astrotheme website

The TikTok soulmate calculator will then give you and your chosen celeb your four Compatibility Ratings.

The final step is, of course, to make a TikTok and reveal to the whole world that your celebrity crush is, in fact, your soulmate.

It’s not clear how accurate all the celebrities’ birth dates and times in the website are, or of course how accurate astrological compatibility even is. But who cares, it’s fun to try it out, and a very successful way of wasting an afternoon in lockdown.

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