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These are the leggings that are all over TikTok because they make your bum look incred

And here’s how you can buy them

The only highlight in the absolute shit storm that has been 2020 is the fact we can now wear literally whatever we want. As long as our top half looks semi-presentable on Zoom, under our laptops is a complete mystery: The pyjama shorts you slept in; stained joggers you’ve worn every day for a week; or just plain old gym leggings. TikTok has an answer to most things, and it’s here to save us once again and allow us to look fit af whilst still being comfy. I present to you: The TikTok scrunch leggings, which you can very helpfully find on Amazon.

But what are the leggings and will they actually make my bum look as good as everyone’s saying? More importantly, what TikToks is everyone making of them so I can join in once I’ve bought them? Here’s everything you need to know:

What are the TikTok leggings?

The leggings are from a brand called Seasum, called the “Honeycomb High Waist Gym Leggings”. The description of the “butt lifting leggings” says they’re high-waisted (already a big win) and “the back has a V-cut hip line design, three-dimensional shape, no shifting, highlight your buttocks perfectly”. I do love some highlighted buttocks.

The fabric is “honeycomb textured” and “compression material” to shape your bum and legs. They’re also apparently squat-proof, with the description saying the leggings are “non see-through and offer total coverage”.

Okay but will the TikTok leggings actually make my bum look that good?

Watch these TikTok videos people have made in their leggings, and judge for yourself. Users are sharing their shocked reactions when they try the leggings on, calling them “amazing”:

Where can I buy the TikTok leggings?

Unfortunately for us all, the answer is Amazon – there really is no way of ever escaping that website. You can find the Amazon link for the TikTok leggings here.

The leggings come in sizes XS to 4XL, and so many colours – although the white ones originally went mad on TikTok, people are now branching out to other colours too. There’s even some marble colour ones, which will go perfectly with that t-shirt you tie dyed back in April lockdown and then promptly forgot about forever.

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