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This is what the lesbian manifesto TikToks are actually about

Including the percentages everyone is using

It seems like nearly every day there’s a new trend on TikTok and the latest one is lesbian manifesto TikTok.

TikTok has a large number of LGBTQ+ users and this time the trend has come from Alt TikTok. It sees users read from a lesbian manifesto document and film themselves reacting to it. They share what they’ve found out and how they identify after reading.

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The lesbian manifesto hashtag already has nearly 75k views and the top videos of the hashtag have likes over 5k.

This is everything you need to know about lesbian manifesto TikTok:

What is lesbian manifesto TikTok?

This latest TikTok trend involves people who identify as bi or lesbian reading a document called “Am I a Lesbian?” . But what actually is this document?

Well it was created in 2018 by a social media user called Angeli Luz on Tumblr. The Google document is 30 pages long and is a self-reflective guide for women to understand their sexual preferences. It’s broken down into a number of sections such as “How do I know if I’m a lesbian?” and “Conflicting feelings about men”.

A big part of the essay is to do with compulsory heterosexuality. Compulsory heterosexuality was a term first popularised by Adrienne Rich and “refers to the pervasive cultural expectation that women be attracted to men.”

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One of the last sections of the document is a checklist called “You might be a lesbian if TL;DR” and features items such as “You don’t want to date men, but you feel like you have to” and “You think you just have to give men a chance”. The list is supposedly meant to indicate “a woman’s attraction to men might be social conditioning rather than an innate part of her sexual identity”.

Why is it going so big on TikTok?

Though the document has been around since 2018 it seems to have had a resurgence recently. People are seeming to read it and begin to question their sexuality.

A lot of TikTok users who said they thought they were bi, discovered they were actually a lesbian after reading the manifesto.

The main part of the current trend is people rating the “percentage of lesbian” they felt after reading each page, and it usually increases as people get further through it.

How can I find the lesbian manifesto document that’s going around TikTok?

The original link to the Google Doc from Angeli Luz now doesn’t work, but there has been plenty of versions popping up, including this one, which you just need to click on in order to read.

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