Obvs you want to know which era Harry Styles you’d date, so take this quiz to find out

Realistically I’d be happy with literally any version of him


Harry Styles is, quite literally, a God. He came down here and blessed us for an unknown reason, but I am eternally grateful for the fact Harry Styles and I are walking the Earth at the same time.

We mere mortals are not worthy of him, and honestly would be lucky to end up with any Harry Styles. That being said, let’s imagine an ideal world where there are multiple versions of him wondering around, and you end up with one of them – which will it be? It could be sexy Long Hair Harry Styles, or sexy Watermelon Sugar Harry Styles (they’re all sexy, let’s be real). Or could it be nice boy Early Harry Styles, fuckboy Beanie Harry Styles, or feminist King, Fine Line Harry Styles? And then there’s the latest era – Harry’s House Harry Styles, who would cook delicious pasta for you and call you the Love Of His Life.

I know you’re itching to find out which Harry Styles you’d date, so I won’t keep you any longer. Take this quiz to find out:

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