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Harry Styles will only marry you if you get full marks on this quiz about him

Brb retaking this a million times until I get 12/12

Your honour, I present you with the only two things that are true on this Earth. Firstly, there is not a person on this planet is worthy of Harry Styles, who is quite literally a god amongst men. And second: Every single one of us wants to marry him.

But whilst you may spend your days scrolling through his Instagram, how much do you know about Harry Styles really? Can you name every single one of his Met Gala looks by year? What about the magazine’s he’s graced the cover of? You may listen to his songs on repeat, but have you memorised every frame of the music videos and do you know every lyric? Do you even know how old he is?

All of this is vital information, and only someone who knew all of this would be in with a chance of marrying Harry Styles. So put yourself to the test and take this Harry Styles trivia quiz to find out.

Take this Harry Styles trivia quiz to see how well you really know him:

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