Finish the lyrics of all these Harry Styles songs to prove you’re his number one fan

Do your 13-year-old self proud x


First came Shakespeare, then came Dickens and Hemingway. But this century has brought us a new great writer who will be remembered for the ages, and his name is Harry Styles.

It’s a scientific fact that every single Harry Styles song is a banger. Music for a Sushi Restaurant? Certified bop. Golden? A summertime anthem. Fine Line? Let me sing along whilst sobbing and watching the rain run down the window. But how hard have you really been listening to Harry’s songs, or have you just been spending the entire time imagining you both running along the Amalfi coast, hand-in-hand? Only a true Harry Styles fan will actually know the lyrics to all of his songs.

So go ahead, finish the lyrics on all these Harry Styles songs to and prove once-and-for-all that you’re his number one fan:

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