They should all be in jail, but who is definitively the worst person in Glee? Vote here

You can’t spell terrible without Terri


Only one thing in this world is true: Every single person in Glee was the absolute, straight-up worst. Like, morally reprehensible, fundamentally awful, should-be-in-jail-for-war-crimes bad. Everyone rightfully has already cancelled Mr Schue, but we’re so blinded in our hatred for him that we don’t talk about how obscenely terrible the rest of the characters are. (I’ve used up all my synonyms for “bad” now, but rest assured: They’re all bad, bad people.)

Can we all just agree on one thing: Mercedes was robbed. Kurt and Rachel were fighting over the Defying Gravity solo, but we all know it rightfully belonged to neither of them. Sue may have given us a cracking meme but she was a massive narcissist who married herself, and Terri went to some ethically questionable extremes all to keep her husband who liked to spend his spare time dry humping hats whilst on stage with teenagers.

So, your honour, I present my case against all the Glee characters. At the end of this article when you’ve read all the evidence, you, the jury, can make your decision and cast your vote for which one is definitively the worst.

Who is the worst person in Glee, then? Let’s dive in:


Rachel redeems herself in the later seasons of Glee, but at the start she is the most irritating character you could ever think of. Her incessant need to be first in everything and do all the solos is just so selfish – it’s almost as if anyone but her gets a solo the world will end, and to be honest it was a relief when it wasn’t always her.

Also, who on Earth needs to go to that extreme to fancy their teacher anyways? I know Mr Schue is extremely weird but COME ON, he’s not even that fit. And Mercedes deserved that Defying Gravity solo, not her.


The rapping was god awful, like genuinely really horrendous. Every time Artie was rapping in a song he’d just go “uh” and it felt like that was all he had to offer. Fair enough, he’s not the worst character but he isn’t perfect. For example, when Artie got with Brittany, he knew she had feelings for Santana and he even liked Tina at the same time. How is that a good idea that isn’t going to end horribly, Artie???

Sue Sylvester

Whilst Sue was an iconic character who brought us great memes, she did some terrible things throughout the show. She was committed to bringing Mr Shue and the Glee Club down, which includes starting the league of doom, which was a group put together to commit evil, and drugging and blackmailing principal Figgins. She was even narcissistic enough to marry HERSELF, and she kidnapped Kurt and Blaine in an attempt to get them back together. Sue’s just as toxic as her meme suggests.


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Kurt deserves to be the worst person in Glee for the simple fact that he thought he could sing Defying Gravity better than Mercedes?? There’s confidence and then there’s delusion. The entire show he whines about not getting enough solos when he’s frankly an average singer at best.

Also can we talk about the clothes? Loud is an understatement. Maybe I’m just mad that he landed a Vogue internship with Sarah Jessica Parker wearing his HIPPO BROACH. Blaine could’ve done better, there I said it.


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We all love a redemption arc and Kitty had one of the best in Glee, but we still need to talk about the fact that she literally tricked Marley into an eating disorder?? She sewed her clothes tighter, gave her diet pills and told her to make herself throw up. All this, just because she didn’t get the lead in a play.

Kitty gets ZERO comeuppance for this. Glee being Glee, it’s all forgotten immediately. Then she had the audacity to refuse to go public with Artie and if all that wasn’t enough she made a girl believe she’d been left behind at the end of the world just because why not?


You can’t spell terrible without Terri. She literally faked an entire pregnancy just to keep her husband who was literally Mr fucking Schue. If her husband was anyone else, maybe I’d have less qualms about her, but unfortunately she went to that extreme extent just to keep Will Schuester. Unacceptable.


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That hair, that smirk, that lip-bite, it was all extremely confusing for us 13-year-old boys, but beyond the cheekbones lurked a properly evil supervillain. He threw a rock-filled slushie at Blaine, constantly meddled with everyone’s favourite Glee couple (Klaine, obviously), shared a fake nude of Finn and just generally oozed bad vibes whenever he could.


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Right okay I’m gonna say it: No one is that stupid. NO ONE. Brittany’s stupidity is frankly just jarring. It adds nothing to her character apart from irritation and what’s worse! She then becomes some mega genius in the last seasons. Ridiculous. Also can we just accept Fondue for two wasn’t funny, never will be funny and should’ve been cut before it was ever introduced.

Mr Schue

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Where do I even start? The man should have been locked up. Not a single thing about him was acceptable. His rapping was diabolical and he loved watching the Glee kids dry hump the air in any school performance they did. Inappropriate doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Unfortunately, his rendition of Gold Digger lives rent free in my head, no matter how many times I want to forget its entire existence. Also, have we forgotten that he started an acapella group for grown men? The Acafellas? We should have cancelled him then.


Tina is quite easy to forget at times, but throughout the show she did some pretty questionable things. She faked a stutter in season one, literally complains all of the time about not being given solo, and she had some weird obsession with Blaine and even rubbed Vaporub on him whilst he is asleep? Tina just had downright weird vibes.


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Did anyone even watch Glee past season three? Marley was supposed to be the new Rachel except Rachel actually had depth, and Marley just wore flat caps and looked sad. Also, her original songs sucked. “You have more friends than you know”? No, you don’t.

Who do you think was categorically the worst person in Glee? Vote here:

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