Sue Sylvester memes are back and I am going to create 27 of them now

They’re better than ever

Look, I know you’ve seen them all before, but Sue Sylvester “I am going to create” memes are back and they’re better than ever. Our last Sue Sylvester meme roundup was so full of phenomenal memes that it even got a stamp of approval from Coach Sue herself, Jane Lynch. But now the “I am going to create” meme is doing the rounds again, and every single version of it is nothing but sublime.

It started life as just people captioning Sue saying “I’m going to create an environment so toxic”, but like all the best things in life the meme has evolved and has truly shown me how much of a creative genius every single person on Twitter is.

Here are all the best new ‘I am going to create’ Sue Sylvester memes:

1. The worst time of the year

2. Best place on Earth x

3. God I can’t wait to go to the pub

4. I deserve a break!!!

sue sylvester, i am going to create, memes

5. Muuuuuum shut up

6. An icon

7. Gaga ooh la la

8. Please can you all just COMMUNICATE

9. Oh how I wish I were a cow

10. Have I done the reading? Absolutely not

sue sylvester, i am going to create, memes

11. ‘I’m gonna sing Cher Lloyd by Cher Lloyd’

12. Going to do a PEE paragraph on this

13. A classic for our time

14. Not just a snack x

15. Oop

16. Whensa your Dolmio day?


sue sylvester, i am going to create, memes

18. Never saying no to a night out again

19. It is objectively a very odd advert

20. Give me the pints!!!

21. I’m just gonna leave this here

22. Aye

23. Who knows what’s going on? Not me

24. Hey Siri play New Rules by Dua Lipa

25. Love some delicious cold tea

26. ‘I tHiNk YoU lOoK lOvElY’

27. I am going to create quite simply the best song in existence

And finally: This isn’t a meme it’s just proof that Sue Sylvester did in fact enjoy our last ‘I am going to create’ memes

Featured image before edits via Danny Lines on Unsplash

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