There’s a ranking of iconic 90s snacks going around and it’s all kinds of wrong

Frubes in the bottom tier? I am outraged

A new tier ranking of the iconic 90s kids’ snacks has come out and it has got some things very wrong.

Research from Bella Baby revealed the apparent god tier of children’s snacks are Monster Munch, Jammie Dodgers, school cake and Angel Delight. Which is fair, school cake does bang.

By going through the Instagram hashtags they found the most popular snacks everyone is sharing and shockingly Dairylea Dunkers were placed on the bottom tier.

Alongside Dairylea Dunkers in the bottom tier were Dip Daps, Frubes and Turkey Twizzzlers. Thanks for that one again Jamie Oliver.

In the mid tier were Space Raiders, Cheese Strings, Frazzles and potato waffles, who casually has potato waffles for a snack?

Narrowly missing out on the god tier was Vienetta (again is this really a snack?), Sunny Delight, Twiglets and Iced Gems who had over 11,000 hashtags on Instagram.

According to this research which marks Monster Munch as the most Instagrammable snack, British people prefer savoury snacks over sweet ones.

Whilst I might agree with that I cannot get over Frubes being placed in the bottom tier, it’s quite frankly a crime against 90s kids’ snacks.

Featured image credit: via Bella Baby

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