00s icons transformations

Britney, Avril and Paris: The biggest transformations of our favourite 00s icons

Who are you? And what have you done with JoJo?

It may be the year 2020 but there really is an early 00s vibe happening. Juicy Couture tracksuits are all over Urban Outfitters right now, New York Minute and Wild Child have been added to Netflix and Britney fans are coming to her defence. It really is 2007 all over again.

A lot of time has passed since we’ve seen some of our favourite noughties icons like JoJo and Avril Lavigne. But they’re actually making a comeback, releasing new music and looking very fit on Instagram. Seriously go look on JoJo’s Insta right now, it’s a whole vibe.

And thankfully everyone’s looks have evolved past tiny eyebrows, low rise jeans and thick eyeliner. The iconic women of the 00s like Emma Roberts, Mandy Moore and Nicole Richie have had some major transformations.

And these are the biggest look transformations of our favourite 00s icons:

Paris Hilton

Starting off the 00s transformations is the ultimate queen of the 00s – Paris Hilton. The socialite became even more famous after her reality show, The Simple Life, took off.

Since then she’s become a multi-millionaire business woman. She’s released books, fragrances, songs, become a DJ and recently come out with a documentary about being Paris.

And in terms of her look she first started off with very orange fake tan, bleach blonde hair, very thin eyebrows and quite dark eye makeup. Now she is still tanned but it looks more natural and her is straight and blonde. Whilst it’s still blonde it’s lost the brightness and looks way healthier.

Her eyebrows are still quite thin but no way near as tiny as they used to be. And her iconic 00s fashion sense of Juicy Couture tracksuits have come back and she’s a bonafide icon.

Nicole Richie

The other half of The Simple Life, the world was introduced to Nicole Richie through the reality show. Her whole life has changed massively since then.

Nicole is now married to Joel Madden and they have two children together. She’s been in loads of TV shows and recently became a judge on the show Making The Cut.

Nicole has incredible style nowadays, thanks in part to her brand House of Harlow. When we first saw Nicole she wore a lot of makeup and had curly hair. Today her makeup is more natural, unless she’s going to an event, and whilst her hair is still curly it is more free flowing.

Hilary Duff

We first met Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire, and wow she has changed a lot. The main difference in Hilary’s transformation is mainly down to age.

She used to have mid length blonde hair and very thin eyebrows, whereas today her hair is a blondey/brown and her eyebrows are thick. In the mid 2000s Hilary got veneers put in and they did not look good. But thankfully she got them sized down and has some great looking teeth.

Hilary was only 14 years old when she first appeared as Lizzie McGuire but now aged 33, she’s been married twice and pregnant with her third child.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan’s movies in the 00s are as famous as her personal life that included stints in rehab and arrests. However now she’s smashing life, she released a new single this year and was one of the judges on the Masked Singer in Australia.

During her Mean Girls days Lindsay had her signature red hair but it was a tad darker than it is now and her eyebrows and lips were quite thin. Over the years Lindsay has been rumoured to have had fillers, Botox and Rhinoplasty.

Today her hair is very red and her eyebrows are thick. Her lips appear a bit plumper.

Britney Spears

The queen of pop has been on everyone’s minds recently with the Free Britney campaign, after her fans had growing concern over her conservatorship, which means she hasn’t been in control of her finances for over 12 years.

But going back to the beginning of the Toxic days Britney had that signature blonde hair which was usually worn straight. Today though Britney still has blonde hair but wears it in a wavy style with a fringe.

A plastic surgeon suspected Britney had a nose job because tip of her nose appears “slender” in comparison to older pictures. They also thought she had had Botox and fillers. Britney wears a lot darker makeup than she used to around the eyes.

Jamie Lynn Spears

Ok so Jamie Lynn looks like a different person to when we first saw her in Zoey 101. Jamie used to have very dark, almost brunette, blonde hair. Today she has a blonde ombre wavy look.

However despite looking very different, she hasn’t actually made many changes to her face. Her lips and nose look very similar to how they used to. So it’s probably just not being 16 that makes her look different.

Jamie now has two children and is married to Jamie Watson.

Christina Aguilera

Xtina was always the fit pop star we wanted to be when we were seven years old. Christina used to have blonde and black hair, very heavy makeup and a dark tan.

Now though, she has bleach blonde, almost white, hair. Her makeup is still quite intense but it suits her look rather than being about just piling on the fake tan. A big difference in her face is how she’s done her eyebrows. They used to be very thin, almost invisible whereas today they are very thick.

A surgeon reckons Christina has had a number of non-surgical treatments over the years including Botox, cheek fillers, jaw fillers and lip fillers. And looking at more recent pictures of Christina, her lips do look a bit plumper than they did 15 years ago.

Miley Cyrus

Miley came into our lives in the late 00s as Hannah Montana. In those days Miley had dark brown curly hair, thin lips and eyebrows.

Since her Disney Channel time Miley has had a LOT of looks and her most recent hair transformation is a blonde mullet. Her eyebrows are thicker and her lips are a bit more plump.

Miley has been famous for over a decade and in that time she’s released albums, starred in movies and married Liam Hemsworth, before getting divorced.


Rihanna’s first single came out in 2005 and since then she’s become a global icon with many albums, a beauty brand and a lingerie brand.

Though she’s had many different looks over the last 15 years her face hasn’t changed that much. Her hair is almost black now whereas it used to be a very natural looking brunette.

She’s also got thicker eyebrows than she when she first started out. Thin eyebrows really were the vibe of the early 2000s.

Avril Lavingne

We really thought we were edgy listening to Avril Lavigne aged eight. And tbf she did personify the rock look.

Avril had dead straight mousey brown hair and just used the front of her hair to make a sweep over fringe look. She also wore that signature black thick eyeliner.

It’s 2020 and Avril is still rocking the eyeliner, but she has changed the hair and is now blonde. From the looks of her Instagram she’ll switch it up with curly or straight hair.

Since Sk8er boi came out Avril has been married twice, released more albums and been diagnosed with Lyme disease.


00s icons transformations

JoJo is making a comeback this year, but before we celebrate her return, let’s go back to the 2000s to remember what she looked like. She always had a Lindsay Lohan vibe to her.

Her hair used to be brown with highlights and worn swept over her face. For a 00s star she actually had pretty thick eyebrows and thin lips.

Today her hair is a whole mixture of colours, sometimes  it’s blonde, other times it’s brunette/blonde ombre or a bright redy pink. Either way it looks great. Her whole look has just had a major glow-up. She wears cool outfits, has improved her makeup and even looks like her lips have got a little plumped up.

I’m obsessed with her Instagram and honestly think 2020 is the year of JoJo.

Mandy Moore

00s icons transformations

You either first encountered Mandy Moore as Lana from The Princess Diaries or as Jamie Sullivan in a Walk to Remember. Now though, she’s a household name thanks to her role in This Is Us.

Mandy’s early 2000s look involved thin eyebrows, a mid length blonde/brunette hairstyle and glossy lips. Today her look hasn’t actually changed that much. Her lips look the same size, her hair is a lot darker and her eyebrows are quite thick.

Aly and AJ

00s icons transformations aly and aj

Aly and AJ are currently having a moment thanks to the resurgence of their song, Potential Breakup Song, on TikTok. However Aly actually started out her career on Disney Channel’s Phil of The Future and AJ had plenty of acting roles before the sisters became a singing duo.

When they first started out singing, Aly had curly blonde hair, thin eyebrows and quite plumped lips. Now her look hasn’t really changed that much apart from the dark brown hair, which looks so good on her.

AJ equally had that bleach blonde hair and was sporting thicker eyebrows than her older sister. Today her hair is a more mousey blonde and only really looks different because of age.

Emma Roberts

00s icons transformations emma roberts

The icon that is Emma Roberts, known to many of us as Poppy Moore, is now pregnant. Madness. Emma has been acting since 2001 and obviously her look has developed a lot.

In 2008, when promoting Wild Child on GMTV, Emma had dark brown hair in the weirdest style ever. Her eyebrows and lips were also quite thin.

However today, she thankfully has a very cool short blonde hairstyle. Emma’s nose looks slightly different today and this is apparently the result of breaking it on the set of American Horror Story. She now has much thicker eyebrows and her lips look a bit more plumped.

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