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Introducing the YouTube rich list: The top 10 highest-paid YouTubers of 2020

First place is an actual nine-year-old

On a weekly basis I think to myself: Why oh why did I not start a YouTube channel back in 2015? I have no idea what videos I’d make, but I know they’d absolutely bang. Never in my life would I have been given damp-induced asthma from a grotty student house, and right now would probably be hanging out with Molly-Mae in the Maldives, or every single other Love Islander ever in Dubai. I’d maybe even be on the list of this rich list of highest-paid YouTube stars of 2020, which Forbes has just very helpfully published to remind us all of how unaccomplished we are.

This list includes make up gurus, gamers, and an actual nine-year-old who is more successful than you could ever possibly dream of being.

Introducing the YouTube rich list: Here are the 10 highest-paid YouTube stars of 2020

10. Jeffree Star

via Instagram @jeffreestar

This year Jeffree has been caught up in controversy after controversy, and he’s dropped five places in the YouTube rich list since last year. There was all that drama with Tati Westbrook, James Charles and Shane Dawson, and then came a load of different allegations about Jeffeee, including recent leaked documents that showed he allegedly paid victim $45,000 in hush money.

Jeffree also earns a ton of money through his makeup line – his Conspiracy Collection reportedly sold a million eyeshadow palettes in half an hour.

Estimated earnings: $15 million

Subscribers: 16.9 million

9. David Dobrik

via Instagram @daviddobrik

David Dobrick does just about anything in the name of comedy – from shaving someone’s entire body and to marrying his best friend’s mom for a joke (she was in on it and they got divorced a month later). He’s also recently moved on to TikTok, growing 24.7 million followers there, too.

David sells merch through his Clickbait brand (it’s literally called Clickbait), and has had sponsorship deals with massive brands such as EA and Bumble.

Estimated earnings: $15.5 million

Subscribers: 18 million

8. Blippi (Stevin John)

Stevin John is a 32-year-old man who makes content for children through his character Blippi. His videos include “Blippi Visits the Aquarium” and “Learn Colors with Blippi.” He sells merch, and also offers his videos through Hulu and Amazon.

Estimated earnings: $17 million

Subscribers: 27.4 million

7. Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya)

Nastya is a six-year-old Russian YouTuber who makes videos of her and her dad doing day-to-day family things, such as playing, doing chores and, uh, learning what a virus is back in April. She also has 3 million followers on TikTok.

Estimated earnings: $18.5 million

Subscribers: 190.6 million

6. Preston Arsement

youtube rich list 2020

via Instagram @prestonplayz

Preston is a gaming YouTuber whose videos include Minecraft and Call of Duty.

Estimated earnings: $19 million

Subscribers: 33.4 million

5. Markiplier (Mark Fischbach)

youtube rich list 2020

via Instagram @markiplier

Markiplier posts accessible breakdowns of video games and has been on YouTube for eight years. He’s also made a new channel with in fellow gamer Ethan Nestor (CrankGameplays) – Unus Annus. On this new channel they post funny vlogs, including recent video “We Bought Every Grinch Costume on Ebay”.

Estimated earnings: $19.5 million

Subscribers: 27.8 million

4. Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link (Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln III) started their nerdy talk show Good Mythical Morning eight years ago. They paid $10 million in February 2019 to acquire SMOSH, a sketch comedy YouTube channel. Across all their channels they has almost 2 billion views this year.

Estimated earnings: $20 million

Subscribers: 41.8 million

3. Dude Perfect

The five guys behind Dude Perfect (Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Garret Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney) basically just film themselves doing stunts and playing with toys, including lightsabers, Nerf guns and paintballs. They had a tour that grossed about $6 million, and back in March at the start of the pandemic hosted Quarantine Classic on their channel, where they competed against each other in various challenges. These videos raised about $160,000 for the Red Cross and Feeding America.

Estimated earnings: $23 million

Subscribers: 57.5 million

2. MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson)

youtube rich list 2020

via Instagram @mrbeast

Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast posts videos of a mix of stunts and humour. This year he’s gone around a Ferris wheel 1,000 times, and built the largest Lego tower ever. His most recent videos usually involve gifting people cars or loads of money – lucky for some.

Estimated earnings: $24 million

Subscribers: 47.8 million

1. Ryan’s World (Ryan Kaji)

Well here we have it: The nine-year old who has more money and success than you ever will in your sad little life. Ryan’s World posts videos of Ryan doing science experiments, reviewing toys, and reading stories with his family. According to Forbes there are over 5,000 Ryan’s World products, ranging from bedroom decor to action figures and walkie talkies.

Estimated earnings: $29.5 million

Subscribers: 41.7 million

Featured image via Instagram @jeffreestar @ryansworld @mrbeast

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