‘He used a taser on a homeless teen’: All the latest allegations against Jeffree Star

Shock, Jeffree is back in the news

We already knew that Jeffree Star had a LONG history of controversy dating back nearly two decades. Seriously. However, the latest fuel to be added to the flames of the YouTube makeup community comes from Star’s supposed ex-boyfriend, who has taken to social media to out the makeup mogul over a number of allegations, and they’re… interesting. These, coupled with a recent months-long investigation by Insider, casts a whole new shadow on his career.

So, in the same week that Shane Dawson finally returned to social media after the row over his controversial past, let’s take a look into the various allegations that have come out against Jeffree Star in the last week. There are a load of separate accounts, but we’ll only be using evidence from Andre Marhold’s main account (@amarxiii) and singular backup account (@_amarxiii), as these seem to be the only two fairly reputable sources of information amidst the multiple other accounts that claim to be Andre.

Physical and sexual assault allegations

Star has a well-documented history when it comes to allegations of physical and sexual assault, some of which he has apologised for, but the latest exposé by Insider includes further claims from alleged victims of forced oral sex and the use of an electroshock weapon to get revenge for rejections of his sexual advances: “Four people who spoke with Insider said Star groped men around him without consent. Five people told Insider they personally saw Star using a close-range stun gun or other tasing device to hurt and intimidate people around him.

“Five people told Insider that in 2009 Star used a taser on a homeless teen who had rejected his affections in a movie theater. That teen later stayed the night in Star’s apartment, and told Insider that Star gave him Ambien until he was intoxicated and forcibly performed oral sex on him without his consent. Several people and publicly available internet posts corroborate key components of the former homeless teen’s account.”

Jeffree Star’s legal attorney responded to the allegations of physical and sexual violence from respondents of the Insider article, calling them: “False and defamatory. [He] has never tasered or drugged anyone for sex.”

He has an “infectious disease”

Jeffree’s ex-boyfriend’s alternate account claims that Jeffree has an “infectious disease” in a number of Instagram stories posted to the story of the secondary profile.


There are a number of accounts claiming to be Andre, and although he hasn’t directly responded to claims, the @_amarxiii account is said to be legitimate through posting evidence of engaging with Jeffree as well as his direct responses to claims made on this account.

Andre’s main account (@amarxiii) has since told people to report @_amarxiii, and it is unclear whether this is backtracking from the allegations made or a legitimate statement on this account being fake.

Paying people off to withdraw their allegations

Two of Insider’s sources discussed a $10,000 payout offer with Star in images obtained by INsider, with a number of others eventually withdrawing the statements that they had previously made Star made contact with them: “A number of people who gave statements to Insider for their investigation into Star ended up taking back their statements after being contacted by Star. A couple then came back to Insider and claimed that they had been offered $10,000 dollars not to come forward.

“One accuser and two claimed witnesses — all of whom had provided on-the-record accounts to Insider in which they said they saw or experienced Star engaging in violence — ultimately did change their stories.”

Addressing this, Star’s attorney claimed that Jeffrey “denied allegations of physical and sexual violence and questioned the reliability of Insider’s sources. After Insider detailed the allegations to Star and his attorney, several people who had made on-the-record claims about Star’s conduct contacted Insider to change their stories.”

The account claims Nate and Jeffree broke up after he slept with one of Nate’s friends


Another claim that the backup account makes is that Jeffree and Nate split up over Jeffree sleeping with one of Nate’s friends. The story reads: “Your last guy left because you fucked his close friend that’s sad not to mention.”

Again, no response on Jeffery’s end to these claims.

Jeffree claims that he was robbed by his ex-boyfriend

In the below video, Jeffree hits back at claims that Andre made, as well as verifying some of the claims in the form of videos posted to Andre’s account of driving Jeffree’s Rolls Royce, by saying that he was robbed of Louis Vuitton luggage as well as designer sunglasses.

In the video, he admits that he got “played” before claiming they started as “just two grown adults having sex and chilling” before items went missing. Andre has not responded to any of the claims.

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