A timeline of every messed up thing Jeffree Star has done to date


CW: Racial slurs, Nazi imagery, paedophilia, suicide, abuse

It seems we can’t get through a single day without some new YouTube drama erupting. With 2020 throwing up more controversies than you can shake a stick at, it’s certainly been a rollercoaster year for a number of significant creators on the platform. BUT, if there’s any faction of catty YouTube beef that takes the biscuit for drama of the year, it has to be Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson and their consistent disruption of the beauty community.

You’ll likely have seen the above image from Jeffree’s latest apology video regarding his relationship with Shane Dawson and their attempted cancellation of James Charles (here’s a list of all the fucked up stuff that Shane Dawson has done in his time) – but what exactly did Jeffree Star do? Why is Jeffree Star so controversial? And why is no one accepting his apology? Well, as it happens, he’s had a pretty easy ride compared to Shane Dawson considering some of the stuff that’s come out of his trap over the years, so let’s take a look into his past.

Early 2000’s – He established a brand called “Lipstick Nazi”

In the first of many “why the fuck would anyone ever think this was a good idea?” moments, Jeffree established a brand called Lipstick Nazi, in which he used Nazi imagery as his branding. This resurfaced in June 2020 as people presumably sleuthed through his old work in the wake of the Shane Dawson drama.

Jeffree responded to the resurfacing on Snapchat: “I want to talk about something and a very dumb decision I made when I was very young. I created a URL called LipstickNazi.com. Now, back then in the early 2000s, it was a slang term, like on the show Seinfeld someone was a ‘soup Nazi’ if you were a crazy cook. I used to work at the MAC counter, if you were someone that used to follow customers around in the store you were called a ‘door Nazi.’

“It was very narcissistic and I was just going to have the website be a bunch of fucking crazy pictures of me. So the term ‘lipstick Nazi’ is disgusting and I just want people to know, looking at me, it’s wrong and I should never have used it.”

2004 – Footage of Jeffree using abusive racial slurs


A 2016 fan-made compilation shows footage of Jeffree racially abusing women in the street. The footage is thought to be from 2004.

Jeffree responded in an apology video, saying: “I think that racism is a very serious subject — especially in today’s world. I’m embarrassed as a person because that is not what I’ve ever stood for. I’m all about self-expression, self-worth, and self-love. I think it’s awful that you guys have to see me in that light.

“I am so sorry for my words. I am so sorry you ever had to see me like that. That is not who I am and I apologize deep down to the core of my fucking being.”

2006 – Joking about splashing battery acid on a black woman

Another compilation of nasty behaviour on Jeffree’s part which probably speaks for itself, the racist comments in question from 2006 appear at the three-minute mark. In the clip, he says: “Well maybe if she wasn’t wearing the wrong foundation I wouldn’t have to splash no battery acid. I wanted to lighten her skin tone”, talking about a black woman.

We can presume that his 2017 “RACISM” apology video encompasses a response to this particular clip amongst others.

2007 – His music video “We Want C*nt” featuring the N-word

Jeffree Star’s 2007 smash hit (lol) poetically entitled “We Want C*nt” features various problematic lyrics, and even includes the N-word just 22 seconds in.

2010 – Hitting women, tasing men and calling Pink a “fucking dirty lesbian”

In a 2010 interview with Red River Noise, Jeffree said a number of ridiculous things that really haven’t aged well. Whether it’s literally admitting to tasing someone because they poured water on him, calling Pink “a fucking dirty lesbian” or calling gay people “fucking annoying”.

He decides it’s best to round off the interview nicely though, by saying: “I’m all about business, usually, but of course I like to go out and have fun. The other night I punched a girl and threw drinks everywhere. That’s just what happens if people are going to talk shit.”

2016 – Telling MakeupShayla that he’d “beat [her] to the fucking ground”

Jeffree has always been known to be vocal against other members of the makeup community, but this seems to be especially sinister when held up to controversies such as his with James Charles.

In 2016, he got into an argument with MakeupShayla which ended in him calling her a “c*nt” and saying: “I’ll actually beat you to the fucking ground and mean it.” Shayla responded with a tweet that suggested that people should never support a man that expresses interest in beating a woman. Jeffree replied: “But you look and sound like more a man than I do… so relax”.

Next, he called her a “broke fucking rat”.

2016 – That whole boring controversy with Kat Von D

Bloody hell, he had a busy 2016, didn’t he?! One of the biggest feuds he has been involved in, but unfortunately one of the less interesting ones. Kat put up an Instagram post in 2016 saying she was ending her friendship with him for various reasons, namely because of his “drug use, racism, and bullying.”

Jeffree then fired back saying that she’d never supported his brand, accompanied by a typically long video.

2019 – The James Charles drama and his tweeting of James’ brother

You know your vested interests are verging on toxic when you try to defile a literal 17-year-old’s career to ensure that you’re on top. You’re probably pretty well acquainted with the whole story, but essentially it has recently been speculated that he and Shane conspired to ruin James’ career.

Jeffree tweeted James’s brother at the time saying: “Why is your brother a predator?? Why’d you really move back to NYC? Exactly. Shut the fuck up.”

Jeffree continued: “There is a reason that Nathan banned James Charles from ever coming to our home again. There’s a reason why I haven’t seen him since @GlamLifeGuru’s birthday in February. He is a danger to society. Everything Tati said is 100% true.” Jeffree is yet to provide any evidence for his claims.

Apology for James Charles drama

And that brings us back to what’s going on right now – he’s released a video where he apologises to James, briefly references his racism but then says: “Now, Breonna Taylor still has no justice. Black trans women are being murdered every day and the news is silent. Elijah McClain has no justice and the countless other people who are murdered every day, while everyone just goes about their business like nothing’s happening.”

The above tweet resembles the general consensus on this comment very well. Is it time to let go of Jeffrey? Probably.

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