The TikTok rich list: The TikTokkers making nearly £40k per post

No, sure, you’ll get there by lip-syncing to Gavin and Stacey

The richest TikTokkers making are nearly £40k per post, a new ranking has revealed.

While you’re scrambling around for your first 1,000 followers, desperately miming around your living room until you get on the #fyp, these guys are raking in the cash courtesy of their legions of followers.

Charli D’Amelio tops the list, making £38,000 per post. And she’s only 15. Until yesterday the dancer was going out with fellow TikTok star Chase Hudson, who fails to make the list.

Loren Gray, who managed to turn her stardom into a legit record deal, comes in at second, with estimated earnings of £33,766 per post.

Magician Zach King, who is literally twice as old as Charli D’Amelio, manages to round out the top three. More impressive than plucking a rabbit from a hat, the TikTok star can make £32,000 magically appear from a single post.

Check out the TikTok rich list below:

How’s it worked out? Gaming website have taken the upper end of an estimate worked out by website We’ve excluded actual celebs from their full list, although it’s worth noting that The Rock is out here making about £15k per post.

The original list was also in dollars. We’ve converted this to good old British pounds at current exchange rates ($1=£0.8).

Crucial to an influencer’s earnings is their engagement rate. Millions of followers but no likes signals a problem to advertisers. A high percentage of people liking your posts shows you’ve built a genuine audience.

TikTokkers currently make money from direct deals with brands, so naturally these figures could vary if the influencer drives a particularly hard bargain. Although TikTok are said to be working on it, influencers are yet to be cut into a slice of the advertising revenue on site.

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