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The 30 under 30 rich list: Which UK celebs are making the most millions?

Not jealous at all

Before hitting the age of 30 we all hope to be out of our overdrafts and maybe even get a little savings account going, but for a few lucky celebrities they are earning millions before they’ve even hit their 30th birthday. It’s time for the 30 richest UK celebs under 30 making millions.

From staring in movies, selling millions of albums or just uploading a sponsored Instagram post, these celebs are raking it in and putting all of us to shame with our pitiful student loans.

Amongst the top 30 list compiled by Heat, based on estimated figures, are four Love Islanders, some Game of Thrones cast members and of course all the boys from One Direction. Oh to be talented, rich and successful.

These are the top 30 richest UK celebs aged 30 or under with massive bank balances:

30. Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury – £4 million

via Instagram @mollymaehague

Kicking off the list is everyone’s favourite Love Island couple from last year. Tommy and Molly-Mae are a power couple raking in £4 million at just aged 21. I was deep in my overdraft at 21, but it’s alright for some.

Molly-Mae has made the majority of her money from influencing, where she charges £30k for a single sponsored post and bagged £600k for her PrettyLittleThing deal. Tommy also brought in a lot of money last year, where it’s estimated he earnt £3k a day from promoting McDonald’s and Hellman’s mayo.

29. Olivia and Alex Bowen – £4.5 million

via Instagram @oliviadbowen

The only other Love Islanders to make the list is everyone’s ultimate couple Olivia and Alex Bowen. At ages 26 and 29 the couple have a fortune of £4.5 million.

They’ve made their money from influencing, Olivia made £346k from Insta posts in February alone and Alex raked in £750k for appearances on a night club tour. So it makes total sense they can afford their dreamy £1 million house.

28. Jodie Comer – £4.9 million

via Instagram @jodiemcomer

Villanelle herself is nearly worth £5 million at just 27 years old. Jodie reportedly earns £100k for EACH episode of Killing Eve.

In the upcoming movie, Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds, she’s expected to make £1.5 million. But she still lives at home with her parents in Liverpool. If she’s not paying rent, I’m fuming.

27. Maisie Williams – £5.4 million

via Instagram @maisie_williams

Maisie has over £5 million at just 23 years old, thanks to earning a reported £158k for each episode of Game of Thrones. Hey, it’s tiring work killing the Night King, she needs to be compensated.

She’s also launched the social media app Daisie and she promotes Cartier and Audi as well.

26. Saoirse Ronan – £5.7 million

Actress Saorise Ronan has been acting since she was nine years old and so now at 26, she’s got nearly £6 million in the bank and four Oscar nominations to boot.

She spent some of her money on a £1.3 million house in London.

25. Tommy Mallet – £6 million

via Instagram @tommy_mallet

One of three TOWIE stars to appear on this list is Tommy Mallet who has a net worth of £6 million.

Aside from appearances on TOWIE, Tommy also has his own shoe company which made £800k in profits last year.

24. Tom Holland – £6.4 million

via Instagram @tomholland2013

Actor Tom Holland is only 24 years old and already has over £6 million in the bank. That’s what you get when you’re Spiderman.

He’s also been in a number of other projects including Netflix’s The Devil All The Time which will have contributed to his bank balance.

23. Joey Essex – £6.75 million

via Instagram @joeyessex

One of the OG TOWIE stars Joey Essex has a net worth just under £7 million at age 30. Joey has made his money from numerous reality TV appearances including I’m A Celeb.

He also makes six figures from endorsements and gets paid £50k per personal appearance. Wish I could get £50k for just turning up and being myself.

22. Sam Faiers – £7.3 million

via Instagram @samanthafaiers

The last of the TOWIE stars on the list is Sam Faiers who was on the first episode of TOWIE and now has her own reality show with her sister Billie, which gets her £250k per season.

Sam also makes her money from brand deals, she bagged £500k for becoming the face of Oreos earlier this year and £750k from her books.

21. Dev Patel – £7.8 million

30-year-old Dev Patel who started his career out on Skins as Anwar has come a long way and now has nearly £8 million in the bank.

Some of his biggest roles that will have contributed to his net worth are Slumdog Millionaire, Lion and The Personal History Of David Copperfield.

20. Nicholas Hoult – £8.5 million

via Instagram @nicholashoult

Fellow Skin alumnus Nicholas Hoult has slightly more than Dev Patel with £8.5 million. He’s made his money from a number of big roles including the X-Men movies.

He’s also the face of Emporio Armani fragrances which probably helps pay the bills.

19. Sophie Turner – £10.5 million

via Instagram @sophiet

The second Game of Thrones cast member on this rich list is 24-year-old Sophie Turner, who recently gave birth to her first child with Joe Jonas.

Sophie has made her fortune from Game of Thrones and the X-Men movies.

18. KSI – £12 million

via Instagram @ksi

YouTuber KSI has made most of his money from the beginning of his career where he posted videos of him playing football video games. One video can make him £250k in ad revenue. Really that’s what makes money? I need to switch careers.

KSI also makes money from his rapping career and his boxing matches with fellow YouTuber Logan Paul.

17. George Ezra – £13 million

via Instagram @george_ezra

Ngl kinda forgot George Ezra existed but he’s got £13 million so I doubt he cares what I think. At 27 years old he’s made most of his money from his album and touring.

16. John Boyega – £17 million

via Instagram @johnboyega

Star Wars actor John Boyega has a very nice net worth of £17 million. The majority of his money has come from the Star Wars films as well as a deal with Netflix to make films focused on African content.

=14. Rita Ora – £20 million

via Instagram @ritaora

Not only have her albums and tours made 29-year-old Rita Ora very rich, but her two judging roles on The Masked Singer and The X Factor will definitely have brought some extra dollar in.

Rita has also had partnerships with many brands including Deichmann and Escada.

=14. Stormzy – £20 million

The legend that is Stormzy also has £20 million in the bank like Rita Ora. He made his money through his albums and also headlining Glastonbury.

But Stormzy likes to give back and has already funded two Cambridge Uni scholarships as well as promising to donate £10 million to black British causes over the next 10 years.

13. Daisy Ridley – £20.3 million

Daisy Ridley became famous after starring in the Star Wars films and has since bagged over £20 million.

She was working in a pub on minimum wage before being cast in Star Wars, so there’s hope for us yet.

12. Dua Lipa – £22 million

via Instagram @dualipa

The coolest pop princess has made her money from her music which has earnt her an impressive £22 million at just 25 years old.

She’s also bagged big deals with Evian and Yves Saint Laurent which will have definitely increased her net worth.

11. Aaron-Taylor Johnson – £24 million

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, aka Robbie from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, is only 30 years old and yet it seems like a life time ago that he married Sam Taylor-Johnson and broke all our hearts. They already have two daughters together. Wild.

Aaron has made his fortune from a number of movies including Tenet and Kingsman.

10. Sam Smith – £35.5 million

via Instagram @samsmith

Kicking off the top 10 of the richest UK celebs under 30 is Sam Smith. Sam has made their fortune from their many successful albums.

However they managed to piss a lot of people off during the early stages of lockdown by crying in their £12 million London mansion.

9. Zayn Malik – £38 million

via Instagram @zayn

Zayn is technically the poorest of the One Direction boys, but at 27 years old with £38 million in the bank he’s far richer than most.

He’s made most of his money from his One Direction days.

8. Cara Delevingne – £42 million

via Instagram @caradelevingne

Cara Delevingne is the UK’s highest paid model so no wonder she’s so far up the list. She was estimated to have made over £20 million in 2018 alone.

And since then she’s started a prosecco company with her sisters and had a number of acting roles.

7. Liam Payne – £46 million

via Instagram @liampayne

The second of the 1D members on the ranking is Liam Payne, who at 27 years old has an impressive £46 million in the bank.

He’s made that from One Direction and his cringe solo album. Liam also has a deal with Hugo Boss which probably pays quite well.

6. Louis Tomlinson – £47 million

via Instagram @louist91

Narrowly beating his ex-band mate Liam, Louis has £47 million thanks to his One Direction days and his solo album did pretty well.

Louis was also a judge on The X Factor where it was estimated he earned £4 million for dishing out singing advice on the show that made him famous.

5. Little Mix – £54.3 million

via Instagram @jesynelson

Things you love to see are Little Mix being in the top five of the richest UK celebs under 30. Last year their tour made £17 million and with all their independent projects the girls are sure to have bagged a load of money.

4. Niall Horan – £55 million

via Instagram @niallhoran

The unproblematic king of One Direction Niall Horan has done very well for himself. He has a net worth of £55 million thanks to two successful solo albums.

He also toured America which will have paid him very well.

3. Emma Watson – £58 million

via Instagram @emmawatson

It’s not surprising a Harry Potter star is on the list. Emma Watson has nearly £60 million at just 30 years old thanks to starring in eight Harry Potter films before the age of 21.

She’s also had other big roles including Belle in Disney’s Beauty and The Beast, which she apparently got £17 million for. Jealousy is an understatement.

2. Harry Styles – £74 million

The richest member of One Direction is unsurprisingly Harry Styles. Apart from his 1D earnings, Harry has had two majorly successful solo albums (Liam take note).

Harry also had a tour that made £45 million and his deal with Gucci will also have significantly added to his earnings.

1. Ed Sheeran – £210 million

via Instagram @teddysphotos

And the richest UK celebrity under 30 is Ed Sheeran. He’s made his incredible £210 million fortune from his mega successful selling albums.

Not only that but he writes for loads of other celebs and tours the world. Ed owns an insane 27 properties across the UK, including his 16 acre Suffolk estate.

Oh to be his new born daughter Lyra, that inheritance is going to be nuts.

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