Look at Alex and Olivia’s house transformation and then weep in your grotty uni room

Your fairy lights could NEVER

Alex and Olivia are the undisputed King and Queen of Love Island. They met in series two, and stayed together ever since, even getting married in 2018.They have two beaut dogs and pretty much just seem to be all over Instagram, living their absolute best lives.

The couple bought a ginormous house earlier this year, and have been documenting the transformation on their Instagram account, which currently has 570k followers. Let that sink in: A house has more followers than you ever will in your wildest dreams.

In a post on their Insta, Olivia says it was fate they bought the house. She says she used to drive past it with her mum, over a decade ago while it was being built. “I remember so so clearly thinking it was incredible and always staring at it as we drove past. ‘OMG imagine living there in that house mum’ I used to say, it’s like it happened yesterday. Fast forward and here we are, living and breathing new life into a house I dreamt of living in those years ago,” she says.

They’re still in the process of transforming some of the rooms, like their bedroom, but here’s everything Alex and Olivia have refurbed so far:

Everywhere’s white, black and grey

Images via Instagram @thebowenhome

Photos of Alex and Olivia’s redone stairs and hall way are in keeping with the rest of the house – before the walls were beige, with orange-toned wood stairs and navy carpet (but still a million times nicer than your dingy student house). They’ve painted the walls grey and white, and added panelling. The carpet’s been switched to a grey one, and the stairs have been painted white with black bannisters.

They have the kitchen of your DREAMS

Images via Instagram @thebowenhome

The room that’s now their kitchen used to be their living room, but they swapped the two over so they could have a bigger kitchen. Confused? Same.

Anyway, their old kitchen (which they’re now turning into a games room) was smaller, with dark tiled floors and white cabinets. Their new kitchen (in the room that used to be the lounge) has pale wooden flooring, grey painted wooden cabinets with curved edges, and an island with a breakfast bar.

Via Instagram @thebowenhome

They have a beaut sofa (and dog) in the kitchen, too. Imagine being able to have your hungover naps in here after your Wednesday night out? Heaven.

Via Instagram @thebowenhome

Their sofa is bigger than your future

Images via Instagram @thebowenhome

Their living room used to have navy carpet, yellow curtains and a white leather sofa. Alex and Olivia kept the white walls, but changed the carpet and curtains to grey. Their sofa’s grey, too – and absolutely ginormous.

They began transforming the living room as you can see in the photos, but then decided to make the room their kitchen instead. Now, Alex and Olivia are in the process of redoing another room into their new lounge. This is the new room so far:

Via Instagram @thebowenhome

They’ve added panelling to the wall and painted a feature dark grey wall, and have a huge TV. In their most recent Insta story update last week, Alex and Olivia show they’ve put their sofa in, but still need to get cushions, curtains, light fittings and other finishing touches.

Their garden is huge

Via Instagram @thebowenhome

Like, huge – AND they have a hot tub. Videos on their Insta page show a massive garden, full of flowers, trees and even a pond with loads of fish.

Featured images via Instagram @oliviadbowen, @thebowenhome

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