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Meet the cast of Netflix film The Prom, and where you recognise them from

Unfortunately for us all, James Corden is on this list

The newest offering from Netflix is The Prom, a film with a star-studded cast which has been adapted from the Broadway musical of the same name. It’s about a group of Broadway stars who travel to a town in Indiana to help a teenage girl who just wants to be able to go to prom with her girlfriend.

James Corden was even worse than I’d been expecting and at points it was hard to watch. Other than that, the film as a whole really wasn’t awful, and I’m not ashamed to admit I cried no less than four times.

As well as James, the cast of The Prom has some other super famous names, as well as some newer, younger actors and actresses who haven’t done much before the new Netflix musical. But who actually are the cast of The Prom on Netflix?

Here’s where you recognise all the cast of Netflix film The Prom from:

Warning: Some spoilers for The Prom ahead

Barry Glickman – James Corden

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Look, we’re just going to get him out of the way and then move on and pretend he had no part in the film. James Corden plays Barry Glickman, a narcissistic Broadway actor who decides to go and help the lesbian couple who want to go to prom. Read this for why James Corden should have never been allowed to be cast in a gay role in The Prom, or in anything else.

He’s probably best-known for co-writing and starring in Gavin and Stacey. He’s been in film adaptations of musicals before, including Into the Woods and… Cats. And you’ve definitely seen him doing Carpool Karaoke with various celebs on The Late Late Show with James Corden, which he hosts in America.

Dee Dee Allen – Meryl Streep

netflix, the prom, cast, meryl streep

I’m sorry but if you don’t know who Meryl Streep is, I don’t know what to tell you. Queen Meryl plays Dee Dee Allen, a narcissistic Broadway actress who works with Barry.

It might be easier to tell you what Meryl Streep hasn’t been in. Meryl has starred in The Devil Wears Prada, Big Little Lies, and Little Women. She was in Into the Woods with James, and of course plays legend Donna Sheridan in Mamma Mia. Before Gillian Anderson in The Crown, Meryl played Margaret Thatcher in 2011 film The Iron Lady.

Emma Nolan – Jo Ellen Pellman

netflix, the prom, cast, jo ellen pellman, emma

Jo Ellen Pellman plays Emma Nolan, the young lesbian who wants to take her girlfriend to their school’s prom. Jo Ellen graduated from the University of Michigan in 2018 with a degree in musical theatre, and The Prom is her first major role – she played Girl Number Two in an episode of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

Jo Ellen Pellman is 24 years old, and about The Prom, she has said: “For young people who identify as LGBTQ, I hope it can be a two-hour break from all that’s happening in the world. Like, ‘it’s going to be OK, my people are out there.’” She was found after a “nationwide search” to cast the role of Emma in The Prom on Netflix.

Alyssa Greene – Ariana DeBose

netflix, the prom, cast, ariana debose

Alyssa Greene, Emma’s girlfriend who she wants to take to prom, is played by Ariana DeBose. She was first a competitor on American TV show So You Think You Can Dance back in 2009. She then performed in the musical version of Bring It On, before being in the ensemble of Hamilton.

Ariana DeBose is 29 years old, and she has said about The Prom: “It’s not often that we get to see stories about young, beautiful brown girls who identify as queer.”

Angie Dickinson – Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman plays Angie Dickinson, another Broadway actress who goes to Indiana with Barry and Dee Dee. Again, if you don’t know who Nicole Kidman is I think you need some serious re-education.

Nicole was in Big Little Lies with Meryl Streep. She’s in a whole load of other films and TV shows, like Eyes Wide Shut, Lion, and Paddington. Nicole Kidman is also in recent TV series The Undoing. Last month the New York Times ranked her fifth on their list of greatest actors of the 21st Century.

Trent Oliver – Andrew Rannells

Andrew Rannells plays Trent Oliver, the fourth and final Broadway actor that goes to Indiana. Throughout the film there’s a running joke that he never shuts up about the fact he went to prestigious performing arts school Juilliard.

Andrew has been in a load of Broadway musicals, including The Book of Mormon, Hairspray and Jersey Boys. He made a cameo in an episode of Glee and has been a guest judge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Andrew plays Mathew MacDell in Big Mouth. You may also recognise him from films he has been, which in include The Intern with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, and A Simple Favour with Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick.

Principal Hawkins – Keegan-Michael Key

Keegan-Michael Key plays Principal Hawkins, the headteacher of Emma’s school. He played the music producer and Anna Kendrick’s boss in Pitch Perfect 2, which you definitely recognise him from.

Keegan-Michael is also in Horrible Bosses 2, Tommorowland, and produced Keanu as well as starring in it. He voiced one of the hyenas in last year’s adaptation of The Lion King, and played Joe in a few episodes of the series Parks and Recreation.

Mrs Greene – Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington plays Mr Greene, the head of the school’s PTA who is trying to stop Emma being allowed to take her girlfriend to prom. She is also the mother of Alyssa, aka Emma’s girlfriend, but she doesn’t know about the couple.

She played Olivia Pope in Scandal, and recently played Mia in Little Fires Everywhere. Kerry Washington has been in loads of other films and series, such as Fantastic Four, Django Unchained and American Son.

Kaylee – Logan Riley Hassel

Logan Riley Hassel plays Kaylee, a cheerleader and the school’s queen bee. According to her iMDB page, she played Manny’s Crush in Modern Family (a name almost as inventive as Curley’s Wife), and has been in a couple of other films and series. Logan is 21 years old, and from the look of her Instagram is also a model.

Shelby – Sofia Deler

Kaylee’s friend Shelby is played by Sofia Deler. She was in a film called Starling in 2017, and has been in several theatre productions in Orlando.

Kevin – Nathaniel James Potvin

Nathaniel James Potvin plays Kevin, Shelby’s boyfriend. He’s previously been in American TV series such as Mech-X4, Five Points and sitcom Alexa and Katie. He is 21 years old.

Nick – Nico Greetham

Kaylee’s boyfriend Nick is played by Nico Greetham. He is 25 years old and has previously played Calvin in TV series Power Rangers Ninja Steel. In 2013 he got to the final as a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance.

Vera – Tracey Ullman

Barry’s mother Vera is played by Tracey Ullman. Tracey has been in so much her Wikipedia page actually hurts to read. In the 1980s she played Candice Valentine in Girls on Top with Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, and went on to have her own series, The Tracey Ullman Show.

She was also in Into The Woods with James and Meryl, and has voiced parts in Onward, Corpse Bride and Kronk’s New Groove.

Sheldon – Kevin Chamberlin

Kevin Chamberlin plays Sheldon, Dee Dee and Barry’s publicist. He’s also been in loads, including playing Frank in Grace and Frankie, and Mr. Lesko in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Kevin has played the Wizard of Oz in Wicked, and starred in other Broadway shows such as Chicago.

Grandma Bea – Mary Kay Place

Mary Kay Place plays Emma’s Grandma Bea, whom she lives with after her parents kicked her out when she came out to them. She’s been in loads of films and TV series, including playing Amanda in Grace and Frankie, and directed a Friends episode (The One with the List). Mary Kay Place is also a singer and has released a number of studio albums.

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