Oh! Take this tidy quiz and we’ll tell you which Gavin and Stacey character you are

Pls be Bryn

Gavin and Stacey is full of some odd characters, ain’t it? And you know what, the best ones aren’t even the main cast. I mean, Owain Hughes practically steals the show and he has, what, 2 minutes of screen time? But there’s some pretty resonant qualities in the Shipmans and Wests. Haven’t you ever been feeling particularly greedy when your family has a takeaway and remembered those fateful words of Smithy’s? Or been on a fishing trip and it’s got particularly cold? We’ll stop there. Regardless, haven’t we got an absolutely lush quiz for you!

What’s occurring? This quiz, evidently. Ever wanted to know whether you’re more Billericay than Barry? More Dawn than Dave? More lush than loser (we’ll work on that one)? Here ya go:

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