Here’s what the children from Nativity have been up to since the film

So many of them are now engaged or married, I feel old


Ever since Nativity was released in 2009 (does that make you feel old? Same x), people up and down the country have been insanely jealous of the kids who got to be in the iconic film. Will I ever not be low-key bitter that I wasn’t cast in Nativity, seminal classic and best film ever made? Absolutely not.

Obviously, since the film came out over a decade ago, the children who were cast in Nativity are no longer kids and are in fact all grown up – because of course, that’s how time works. The entirety of the Nativity child cast have TikTok now, some are uni students, and some even went on Britain’s Got Talent.

Here’s what all the kids from the cast of the Nativity film are up to now:

Bob – Ben Wilby

where are the children cast from nativity film now

We have to start off with the most iconic Nativity character, Bob, played by Ben Wilby. Now, Ben is 21 and has over 80k followers on TikTok, where he has one video about the fact he was in Nativity. To be fair to him, if I’d been in the best film of all time, I’d still be milking it 11 years later, too.

Ben has 33k followers on Instagram, which right now just has one mirror selfie where he’s flexing his biceps and another post from a trip to New York.

Crystal – Cadi Mullane

where are the children cast from nativity film now

Cadi Mullane played Crystal, who was one of the stars. Now, Cadi is 23 and doing musical theatre at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, according to her Instagram bio.

Her Insta is full of wholesome pics and good vibes – she posts a lot with mates and with her boyfriend.

Cadi has done a storytime TikTok, where she has nearly 13k followers. In it she speaks about being in the Nativity film, saying she was told about the audition through an agency that was looking for “kids who were really chatty, could dance a little bit and sing a little bit”. She went to “about seven” auditions.

The cast “filmed for the whole summer holidays”, and Cadi had her eighth birthday on the Nativity set – Martin Freeman even sung happy birthday to her, apparently.

Cadi is Welsh and Nativity was filmed in Coventry, but she says all the kids who didn’t live in Coventry “stayed in a massive hotel together”, saying “it was like The Suite Life of Zac and Cody”. She also says there was no script and the film was largely improvised.

Becky – Krista Hyatt

where are the children cast from nativity film now

Becky was played by Krista Hyatt. In 2008 she got to the final of Britain’s Got Talent in a dance duo called The Cheeky Monkeys, with a boy called Charlie Dixon. Charlie was also in Nativity, playing Thomas, a student at Oakmoor, the posh rival school.


Christmas markets wohooooo so exxited 😛😏💅🏼🎅

♬ original sound – spedupsongs

In news as devastating as One Direction announcing their hiatus, in 2011 the Lancashire Telegraph reported The Cheeky Monkeys had “split” and gone their separate ways.

Krista has a private Instagram, but has over 17k followers on TikTok.

Sam – Maeve Dolan

where are the children cast from nativity film now

Maeve Dolan played Sam, the girl who always wore the stripy hat. Now, Maeve is 22 and at uni in London, studying musical theatre. She has TikToks about music, Teen Wolf and being at uni, and just under 5k followers.


Second year: done. Making: ✨choices✨ Having a little sing of ‘Say the Word’ by Kerrigan and Lowdermilk

♬ original sound – maeve

William – Michael McAuley

where are the children cast from nativity film now

William, the boy who Mr Maddens takes to Hollywood, was played by Michael McAuley.

Now he’s 22 and whilst, much like the rest of his cast mates, he used to milk the fact he was in Nativity in TikTok videos, he has since deleted his account and his Instagram is private.

Sadie – Sydney Isitt-Ager

where are the children cast from nativity film now

Sydney Isitt-Ager played Sadie, the girl who tells Mr Maddens she doesn’t want to do the show any more and then they have a heart-to-heart in the school hall.

Sydney is now 24 and in a Netflix film! She plays Miss Nerris in Christmas on Mistletoe Farm, which has just been released. She previously went to musical theatre school Laine Theatre Arts in Surrey and her Instagram is a VIBE, full of peng outfits, boujee hats and sunglasses.

Sydney has nearly 28,000 followers on TikTok, and over 7,000 on Instagram. Her parents, Debbie Isitt and Nicky Ager, wrote all the music for Nativity. Sydney’s mum Debbie also directed and wrote the film and her dad Nicky edited it.

Beth – Ellie Coldicutt

where are the children cast from nativity film now

Ellie Coldicutt played Beth, the girl who sits on the moon with tinsel hair. Ellie graduated from UWE in Bristol in July 2019, and has since set up a clothing store called Elrose Clothing.

In December 2021, Ellie got ENGAGED (now you feel really old, don’t you), so congratulations all round!

Alfie – Jake Pratt

where are the children cast from nativity film now

Jake Pratt played Alfie, the student who has a fight with Oli because they both want to be Joseph. Before being in Nativity, Jake got to the semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent as a singer. He was also in Green Balloon Club on CBeebies. After Nativity, Jake went on to star in West End shows including Billy Elliot and Matilda the Musical.

Jake is now 27. He graduated from Leeds in 2018, and whilst his Instagram is now private, his girlfriend shares lots of photos of them together.

Zack – Tom McGarrity

Tom McGarrity played Zack, the boy who all the girls fancied and who Mr Poppy compared to Zac Efron.


Still performing! About to head out on my next contract at sea! #nativitycast #fyp #performer

♬ She’s the Brightest Star – Nativity! Cast

Tom’s still a performer, and in the past few years has performed on cruise ships going as far as Australia and South Africa, saying in July that he’d been promoted to Deputy Entertainments Manager. Go Tom! Tom very recently got engaged to his longterm girlfriend whilst in Cyprus and shared photos of the proposal to his Instagram where he has 1,100 followers.

TJ – Bernard Mensah

Bernard Mensah played TJ, who is Angel Gabriel in the Nativity – you know, the one who Mr Poppy wants to make go down a death slide.

After Nativity, Bernard played Young Simba in The Lion King in the West End. Bernard is now 22, and his acting profile says he’s “obsessed with acting” and is trying to become a professional actor. He also says: “I love having good company around me and good vibes.”

He may or may not own this Twitter account, which hasn’t been updated since 2012 and has four tweets. One of them is this:


Oli – Brandon McDonald

Oli, the boy who does the rap in the Kings’ song and says “extra spicy”, was played by Brandon McDonald, who appears to have vanished into thin air and does not have any public social media accounts.

A girl called Daisy put this video on TikTok, showing Olly in the Nativity film, and then showing a man (her mate? Brother? Postman????) who looks very much like Brandon when he was younger.

Brandon is that u??? (via TikTok @daisymarney)

A couple of her other videos since have featured the same guy who looks like Brandon, but there’s no other evidence as to what he may have been up to since Nativity. Brandon doesn’t have any public social media of his own.

Neve – Milly Webb

where are the children cast from nativity film now

Milly Webb played Neve, the star who sings the line “I’m dizzy with self confidence, hope you can feel it too” in Sparkle and Shine. Milly is now 23 years old and has a private Instagram.

Jade – Faye Dolan

Faye Dolan played Jade, another child in Mr Maddens’ class. Her social media is now private.

Featured image via Netflix and Instagram @cadicinnamon

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