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This is how much you’ll get paid, depending on your role in the Nativity

Mary and Joseph are rolling in the Benjamins

The character you played in your primary school Nativity could be determining literally your whole life.

A study of 2,000 adults by Virgin Media has found that the roles people had in their childhood Nativity plays correlate with their actual adult lives – honestly, who knew?!

The study looked at how your Nativity character affects your job and earnings, how many social media followers you have, your personality and "contentedness". Yikes.


With 1,504 social media followers on average, Marys have the most followers and are undoubtably the BNOCs of the Nativity world. They are also the happiest, with 92 per cent contentedness.

They earn £39,000 and work in retail. Marys are extroverts with a strong social circle and love yoga.

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Josephs earn £38,000 and have 1,233 social media followers – slightly less than Marys, but not too shabby. Maybe that's why they're 91 per cent content.

They work in finance, have a good sense of humour and like shopping.


Oxen are the highest earners of the Nativity, earning an average of £43,000. They work in advertising and are 88 per cent content.

They have 1,155 social media followers, love being the centre of attention and are also most likely to be a pessimist out of all the Nativity roles.

Angel Gabriel

Angel Gabriels have also done well in life, earning £40,000 and working in marketing and communications.

They have 1,297 social media followers and are 83 per cent content. They like reading and exercise.

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Angels defo haven't done as well as Angel Gabriels. They earn £25,000 and work in healthcare.

They have 772 social media followers and are 87 per cent content. Angels are optimistic and like the cinema.

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Inn Keeper

Inn Keepers have manual labour jobs and earn £37,000. They have 1,104 social media followers.

Inn Keepers like puzzles and playing chess. They are 89 per cent content.

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Shepherds earn £29,000, work in IT and like regular exercise. They sound SUPER fun.

Shepherds have 638 social media followers and are 84 per cent content.

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A King

If you were one of the Three Kings, you enjoy gaming and bird-watching (lol) and are 85 per cent content. Kings have 603 social media followers.

Kings earn £26,000 and work in construction, repair and maintenance.

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Narrators earn £24,000 and work in education. They have 408 social media followers and are 89 per cent content.

Narrators have become horse girls, apparently, enjoying horse riding and shopping.

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Lambs have arguably come off worst in life – soz, guys. They earn the least at £20,000, and work in healthcare.

Lambs are the joint least content with Angel Gabriels, at only 83 per cent content. They only have 538 social media followers, the second lowest above Narrators.

Lambs like yoga and are the most introverted of the Nativity roles.

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