Only Mr Poppy himself could get full marks on this Nativity trivia quiz

Will you sparkle and shine?


Nativity is, objectively, the best film ever made. There’s not even a question that it’s the best Christmas film: Love, Actually has aged like lumpy yoghurt, and Arthur Christmas is boring af. But move over Pulp Fiction and all those other films pretentious boys will lecture you about in dingy club smoking areas, because Nativity is here to steal all of your crowns. It’s not just a Christmas film, it’s a way of life.

The plot? Sublime. The songs? Chef’s kiss. Mr Poppy? Slightly dodgy and probably shouldn’t have been working with small children, but we’ll look past that because overall the film is nothing short of sheer perfection. This quiz is simple: Answer all the questions to see how well you really remember the Nativity film.

So go ahead, put your knowledge of the Nativity film to the test with this quiz:

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