Turns out the Mamma Mia cast were drunk on ouzo during filming of the first movie

As if I needed another reason to love this film more

The greatest film ever made, Mamma Mia, always makes you feel slightly drunk and want a drink whilst watching it, and turns out the cast were actually pretty smashed on ouzo filming the entire thing.

In a behind the scenes clip shared by Twitter user athena, the cast of Mamma Mia are seen drinking a variety of alcoholic beverages in multiple set ups whilst producer Gary Goetzman explains how the freedom we all see from the actors is down to their daily ouzo rations. Nothing has ever made more sense.

The video, which is from The Making of Mamma Mia, starts with Christine Baranski saying they thought it would be a “good idea to drink ouzo”.

Producer Gary Goetzman then explains they would have shots for breakfast to get them going. He said: “I think the liberation and freedom you’re feeling in these actors, is really their ouzo ration everyday.

“It kinda loosens it up a little, and you know breakfast, a couple of shots and just get them going in the morning. I think that’s really where all the liberation and freedom and energy comes from.”

If you don’t know what ouzo is, it’s a Greek spirit that usually has an alcohol level of 38 per cent. No wonder they all looked so happy.

The video also shows Amanda Seyfried holding a bottle of ouzo, Julie Walters drinking a big glass of wine and Stellan Skarsgård and Colin Firth chugging prosecco. Never I have wanted to be in a film more.

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